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Mã số trò chơi:

Move the mine back and forth between air and water and grab the stars.
Furious Fire
Shoot all enemies. You Fire the way you move.
Zelda Poe Catcher
Throw your boomerang around and catch guys with your net.
Add Like Mad
Add numbers anywhere on the board to equal the number below.
Fire at all the surrounding enemies. Fire quickly and keep them from shooting you or hitting you.
Fred Claus - The Sleigh Race
Race Santa in a sleigh race. Drift and grab pickups to make sure you take the lead and win.

Mausland Assault
A sidescrolling jet shooter. Some enemies move trickly and seem to almost come after you.
Power Rangers: Red Hot Rescue
Hate the TV, love the game. Beat them baddies up.
Springbot 2
Side view action game with a springing claw action.
Stealth Hunter
Snap necks, plant C4, blow the crap out of the enemies place.
Gavin the Pro Golf Golbin
Lets play golf... and crack some golfer heads too!
Ultimate Invader
Blow the crap out of the city below without damaging your UFO.
Armor Cupid
Sidescrolling, lover boy shooting game.
Galactic Conquest
Fly around in this sidescroller and shoot the enemies.
You're a toaster that shoots rainbows out of your mouth. Sweet!
Pixel Fighta
A down down view jet action shooting game. Game claims 500 levels.
Armadillo Knight 3: Blizzard Peak
Side scrolling adventure game with speech boxes and more.
Cheese Hunt
A sidescrolling, cheese hunting action game.
Battlestar Ace
Top down space shooter with multiple waves of enemies.
Rufus' Rescue!
A fast paced sidescroller where you basically shoot anything that moves.
Deep Creatures
A sidescrolling game that looks and feels similar to Alien Hominid.
HoverBot 2
A sidescrolling game very similar to the first one where you collect volts.
Nightmare Kingdom
A side viewable game where you kill the enemies with a hammer.
Throw Ancient Stuff
Pickup and throw old stuff at mummies.
A sidescrolling action game with you as a robot collecting volts and progressing through the levels.
Icy Madness
Clean the ice and run over people whenever possible.
Gamma Bros
A kick ass sidescroller that brings back memories of Invaders. Truly an awesome flash game.
Ninja Rinseout
Attack enemies when they aren't looking. Try to win the entire game as master.
Each level is very simple, yet entertaining.
Critical Impact
Shoot fireballs at asteroids, change to ghost to get through objects.
The Chronicles of Stinky Bean
Sidescrolling bean action game where you jump on and shoot beans at enemies.
Action sidescroller with a gross brain level.
The Gunsmith
Another fun sidescrolling shooter action game.
Red Dragon
Different dragon breaths ensure victory in this cursor following dragon game.
Ninja Storm
Sidescrolling hack and slash ninja game.
7 levels of running away from helicopter, gunfire, and more.
Golf Goblin 2 - The New Levels
Hit the golf ball, and attack other golfers.
Prince of War
Don't let them get past you.
Buddy In Space 2 Final Showdown
Another sidescrolling jet shooter.

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