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Mã số trò chơi:

Slacker 2
Ready for some more RPG gaming with this returning sequel?
Yeti 8: Jungle Swing
One of the hardest games in the Yeti series, but fun once you get good.
Golf Jam
Complete the 11 golf challenges. This isn't your boring golf game of simple swinging and putting.
Stuck Inside
You're stuck in a room. Use your brain to help you escape.
Shoot the creatures as they appear and use the keyboard to dodge, use force field and other moves.
Attack of the vegetables
Slice and dice the veggies as they come after you. Weapons get bigger and better.

Battle Pool
Play against another player over the internet. Get your pool balls into their pockets faster.
Keep the submarine from touching the sea walls as your sub rotates. Put a cork in it!
Head Puncher
Another keep up game, except this time you get to punch the bloody head around the room. Keep it up!
Basho Kioku
Use your memory to click one block every round, but never the same block twice.
Grapple onto the red balls to get them to glow. Make all the red balls glow to level up.
Don't Eat Me
Press the correct letters on your keyboard to knock the fatty off the cliff and to not get eaten.
50 more levels to sling to as the female Slingette. Can you beat it all?
Snow Fort Blitz
Pick your team and then adjust the power and angle of your snowball throwing.
Quad Extreme Racer
Tilt and lean your quad fourwheeler through 21 levels of obstacles to balance and get over.
Docking Perfection 2
Pick up passengers and take them to specific docks within the time limit. Similar to parking games.
YoYo The Star
Keep Yoyo balanced as she walks down the rainbow road. Careful, distractions pop up to mess you up.
Bumble Bee
Keep the bumble bee flying as you grab flowers and pollen and as you dodge rain drops. Careful!
Circle Un-Avoid
Keep your mouse cursor in the red dot for as long as possible as it moves and jitters around.
Cheat Master
Look at other students papers while the teacher isn't looking. Don't get caught!
Cannon 3000
Perform a few skill tests to fire your cannon which goes the distance determined on your skills.
Warriors Orochi DDR
Push the arrow keys as the arrows pass over. Starts off very easy, then gets insane.
Ball Surfer
Test your skills as you balance the kitten on the surf board and ball. Make adjustments quickly!
Turf War
Choose your weapon and angle and power and attack the enemy. Similar to "Worms" game.
O My Head
Cut the hair in your salon as fast as you can. It's growing fast!
Play The Game
Listen and watch which people play and then repeat the same with your keyboard.
A very hard skill game of keeping eggs on boards and making them fall at just the right moment.
Draw the items from memory. You are given a few thumbtacks to place reminder spots. Draw accurately.
Stunt Pilot
Fly through all the hoops and dodge other obstacles. Don't crash into the ground.
Saving Niimo
Click the mouse to keep Niimo swimming. Watch out for other fish that want to eat you.
Multiball Madness
Bounce the balls with your paddle to clear the bricks as your paddle moves forward. Got skills?
Rebound v2
Stay on the level in version two that has new levels and some good techno music.
Sketchpad DX
Trace the multiple shapes in this drawing game as you score points the more precise at tracing.
American Idol Punch Out
Punch the judges of American Idol in the face as fast as possible. Be as accurate as possible.
Up Beat
Different difficulty settings as you play an online web game similar to Guitar Hero.
Grab all the donuts with the mug as quickly as possible. Level up through different types of donuts.
Winged Bullet
Keep the Winged Bullet flying as you run into bugs and flowers without hitting the cave sides.
Row Your Boat
Click the buttons to keep your team rowing your boat. A short game that tests your clicking fast.
Super Miner
Move the mining cart around and use the claw to grab gold and other goodies to make money.

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