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Mã số trò chơi:

Space Bubble
Place planets to pull and push the space bubble so it reaches the green planet.
The Great Escape
You're a cow escaping from a farm in this action game.
A Walk in the Park
Jump on platforms and grab dog treats while dragging your handicap owner around.
Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz
Answer questions about Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Majora`s Mask, and others about Link, Ganon
Star Wars Shooter
Shoot down the tie-fighters as they approach your ship.
The classic game of Centipede makes its return. Shoot the centipede and don't die.

Biff and Baff ClickOManic
How many times can you click Biff and Baff? Can you score combos?
Bombay Taxi 2
20 levels of parking your car in hard to reach spots. Watch out for trains!
Set your explosions to blow up the pieces appearing in the moving tunnel.
Draw a line to bounce the ball into the stars. Keep the ball going without losing height.
Use the mouse to attract or deflect the ball through the map into the level portal. Very hard game.
Monsters of Rock
Pick your characters, your difficulty and the song to play. Then strum away on your guitar.
Pet Feeding
As the kids walk down the path guide them so they bring food to the right pet.
Bowling Alley Defense
Use skills to line the ball up with incoming enemies. Watch out for the celebrity boss battles.
Boulder Basher 2
Draw the lines to protect the city from tossed boulders. Make the boulders kill the green monsters.
Cow Venture
Dodge the top and bottom. Shoot cartons of milk at bombs in your way. Milk, it does a game good.
Reach the flag by rotating and not touching the walls. Change colors to get threw colored areas.
Dread Rocks
Aim and shoot the rocks to swing from them. Make your way further up in the level. Don't fall!
Space Flight
Fly and beam up the aliens, then land carefully on the pad. Don't drop the aliens.
Kablooey Flew Throughy
Fly through the cave as you grab the gems while avoiding bombs and other dangers.
Too Many Ninjas
Slice and dice other ninjas that come close. Block their ninja stars. Don't try to move... you can't
Go Flower Grow!
Keep the flower growing by dragging water cans to it and protecting it from things flying at it.
The Aventures of Popup Blocker Man
Fly around blocking the popups from hitting your base. Grab pickups to help protect the base.
Luis Day 2 Splooge
Help Luis jerk off while not letting him get hungry and thirsty. This wanking is hard work.
Crazy Chopper
Dodge the canyon walls and platforms. Grab the parachuting points, but watch out for the parachutes.
Rhythm Night
Dodge the shapes coming at you from the right side. Get closer to the right to score points faster.
Ball Revamped 5 Synergy
Keep the ball floating in the continuing series of Ball Revamped. New obstacles included.
Adjust your angle and power and get your spitwad to hit the computer player or a 2nd player.
Thor Towers
Drop the block just right so it stacks nicely. Build the tallest tower possible.
Burgerz Zang
Build the burger the way the customer ordered it. Hurry or they'll leave!
Bouncy Ball
Bounce the ball on the red square only and keep it from falling off the edge.
Candy Drops
Drop the pieces of candy just right so they land on top of each other. Miss and you're going to lose
Starship Eleven Deluxe
Fly your spaceship without touching the cavern walls. Shoot blocks to reach the level end.
Vorlon Wars
Capture all the red dots without being caught by the enemy spaceships. Gets harder as you progress.
Rezolution DODGE
Dodge all the objects that try to kill your stick figure by clicking on buttons when they appear.
Death Walker
Walk the rope while balancing and dodging things that try to knock you off and rip off your head.
Two Wheeler Trauma II
Guide your motorcycle through the traffic and keep from hitting people or cars. Harder than the 1st.
Mulan Fire Away
Adjust your angle and power to shoot your arrow at the targets center.
Cannonball Follies 3
Adjust your power and trajectory levels and fire your cannonball at the target.
Wild Kite
use your skill to control this wild kite. As hard as flying a real kite.
Angry Faces Pearl
Bounce the pearl to grab the stars. Keep the pearl from hitting squares.
Speck Oppression
Move your speck collector around to get specks to bounce into it.

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