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Mã số trò chơi:

Kongregate Tower Defense
A simple tower defense game with a few towers to place to try to keep the enemies from invading.
The Arena
Attack the gladiator and block his attacks. Short 1 level game.
Power Play
Take aim and shoot in Power Play! Try not to get beaten up, though! Ice Hockey at it's finest.
360 Space Ball
Bounce the ball into the goal by adjusting the direction of paddles. Later levels get pretty hard.
Robot War
Shootup onscreen enemies as you progress and progress through the environment.
Stick Trinity 2 Zombie Slayer
Use your awesome fighting skills with weapons to fight the other stickmen. Kill them all!

Flip the colored balls next to other similar colored balls in the twisting line.
Perfect Pizza
Build the pizzas as fast and as accurate as the others as possible. Can you keep up?
Deal or No Deal 2
Pick the briefcases carefully. Try to walk away with the most money possible. Deal or no deal?
Platform Maze
Move from square to square as they disappear. Use up all the blocks without any left over.
Bubble Breaker 2
Click the groups of colored bubbles. Try to not leave any left over.
Flash Solitary
Normally known as "Chinese Checkers". Jump over each piece and try to only leave one ball left.
Blackbeard's Island
Shoot the colored balls next to other balls of the same color. Don't let them reach the end.
Electricity Mania
25 levels getting the cord from the tree to the electrical socket. Can you do it without losing?
Anime Quiz 2
Take the quiz and see how much you really know about anime.
Swap Invaders
Grab a colored block and swap in with another one. Join colors to make them disappear.
The Explorer
Click around and move your explorer as you unlock doors and not crash into walls.
Teddy in the Bush
Go through the bushes finding berries, goodies, and powerup tools. Make it to the portal alive!
Scary Sleep Over
Try to scare the crap out of the poor kid by clicking on buttons. Click them just right to scare.
Monkey Mayhem
Find the right angle and right power to hit the monkey. Gets harder with obstacles.
TNT Runner
Make it through each level and find the exists without getting yourself blown up.
Find The 5 Differences
Find the five differences between the two pictures. Unlike many, this difference game is fairly easy
Snipe Drunken Waldo
Can you find Waldo in the massive crowd? Once you find him put a bullet in his head.
Escape The Krematorium
Can you escape the krematorium? Click around and try to figure how to get out.
Boxboy Escape
Try to block the boxboy by cutting holes in the grass to keep him from escaping.
Which Lost Character Are You?
Answer the questions and find out which character on the TV show Lost you are.
Isora 2
A large amount of levels where you move your square and try to raise all the squares on each map.
Fake or Slutty 7
Look at the pictures of women and decide if the face has been "photoshopped" onto the body.
Bubble Popper
Shoot the colored balls to group with other balls of the same color.
Tile Turner
Place your tiles to turn your opponents pieces into yours. Win by having the most tiles.
Make all 3 of your characters escape the hospital as each of them help each other. Can you make it?
Watch for the shockwaves for letters. Spell words right by finding them in the right order.
Boom Box
Line colors up and grab power ups that explode entire lines of boxes.
Diamond Mine
Line 3 or more jewels up to make them disappear and for new ones to fall into their place.
Create large balls to fill up the screen, all while dodging small bouncing balls.
Wacky Ballz
Bounce and roll your ball so it grabs the coins, and all the stars to finish each level. 15 levels.
Pimp My Grill
Bejeweled-like game with aligning 3 or more gems together to make them disappear. Cute twist.
55 levels of complicated ball moving. Set arrows to guide the ball to the exit as you grab coins.
Trial and Terror
Dress up in the clothes to hide and keep from getting in trouble. Drag and drop clothes.
Treat It Or Eat It
Look at a zoomed in picture of something and decide if you will eat it or treat it. Yummy foot puss!
Telescope Game
Move the telescopes so that they push and pull the ball around the level and into the hole.
Stickman Odo 4
Click where you want the stickman to go. Click wrong and he dies. Try and try again.

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