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Mã số trò chơi:

The Flying Platypus
Get your platypus to fly as high as possible as you launch him into the air and try to eat food.
Raiden IIS B
An excellent top down jet space shooter game with great gameplay.
The Way of The Stick
A Stick version of The Matrix!
Fire Fields
It's a classic arcade game with a twist. Shoot fireballs at the opponent's paddle and disable him.
Stickman Madness 2
Very cool 3D stickman shooter. As the stickmen pop out, blast them away. Reload at the right times!
Jungle Escape
Escape the jungle in this mario-like platform game

Endless Tournament
A 2 player ONLY game with a top-down view where you shoot your opponent.
Kung Fu Statesmen
Gather important government papers and kill enemies.
Freaky Fun
A sidescroller jumping game where you avoid the freaks.
Scarlet Angel
Siderscolling, box jumping, platform landing, shooter.
Samurai Jack
Sidescroller slicing and dicing action.
Farmer McJoy
Farmer McJoy goes ape shit. Kill anything that moves.
Roman Rumble
Collect coins while dodging harmful objects.
Corpses of the III Reich
Side scrolling action, platform jumping game with zombies and shooting.
Soldier of Pain
Peek around corners and shoot the bad guys in this top down action game.
Misc. Metal Slug
Destroy the enemies as they drop from the ski.
Dragon Wizard
Fly through the air and kill the flying creatures.
Metal Armor
Collect the golden points while avoiding enemy fire.
Super Kentucky Space Battles
A sidescrolling flying and bombing game. Watch the cows go boom.
Fright Club
Kill all the incoming enemies with a sword or other weapons as they appear.
Kill All Man
Shoot the green balls in the computer.
Magic Jet
Side scrolling action game with weapon upgrades, multiple playable characters, multiple long levels,
Command Ops
Fight as legos. Don't actually kill anybody though because they all surrender. Truly save for kids.
Batman's Gotham Dark Night
Defuse the bombs in time or Batman goes boom.
Bombs Away
Your a bird popping on people at the beach. What could be more fun. Gets hard.
Batman Vs. Mr. Freeze
Crush the blocks of ice while throwing batarangs at Mr. Freeze.
Sky Firefighter
Pickup water and drop it on the fire.
Global Rescue
Rescue the hostages and watch out for enemy turrets. Remake of C64 game.
Armor Dude
Keep the trolls away from the castle in this sidescroller attack game.
Super Biology Adventure
Kill, eat, evolve, survive.
Conan The Barbarian
A sidescrolling head bashing game as Conan.
You're a foam peanut, progress through world, stay alive.
Cave Escape 2
Dodge the falling objects, put up force field, use anti-gravity. Gets hard by 3rd level.
Crazy Flasher 2
An awesome sidescrolling action game with punching and limited shooting.
Brink of Alienation 3
The action continues in the 3rd chapter in the BOA action sidescrolling series.
Mega Tank
Destory all the enemies that are firing at your tank.
Clown Killer 2
Shoot all the clowns in this sidescrolling sequel.
Two modes give people rides to places, or run over everybody.
Brink of Alienation 1
Sidescrolling action with great gameplay as you blast away aliens.
Axe Gang Rampage
Throw axes at your enemies in this top-down action game.
Clown Killer
Kill all the clowns before they attack you.
Castle Cat 4
scroller with good graphics, and fun gameplay.

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