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Mã số trò chơi:

Street Burglar
Grab the goods and avoid cops, garbage cans, and other obstacles. Careful it speeds up.
Ultimate Invader
Blow the crap out of the city below without damaging your UFO.
Rocket Boy
Fly your tiny spaceship around blowing away larger starships as fast as possible.
The Dinner Party Game
There are colored cards. You must line them up so they are next to other cards of the same colors.
Track Master
This is a challenging game where you've got to keep your mouse pointer on the moving track and try t
When Balls Attack
Shoot the balls and the smaller balls that come after. Don't let them hit you.

Primal War 13
The fight continues between the beasts as the gorilla tries to escape from the enemy team.
Happy Tree Friends - Rink Hi Jinks
A short and sweet cartoon and some hi jinks taking place on an ice rink.
Happy Tree Friends - Flippin' Burgers
Happy Tree Friends fun continues as the gore fest continues inside a burger joint.
Primal War 12
Primal War continues as the story gets more indepth as some more blood is spilled.
Primal War 11
More action in the Primal War universe as beasts do battle in spurts of animations.
Happy Tree Friends - Meat Me For Lunch
Things go bloody wrong in the deli when meat is stolen.
Primal War 10
The Primal War series has now gone from bloody to bouncy.Prepare to see bouncing.
Happy Tree Friends - Sweet Ride
A short Happy Tree Friends animation about wanting sugary treats. Too bad they're all bloody.
Primal War 9
The Primal War story continues with a battle of the animal babes as the series begins to close.
Happy Tree Friends - The Way You Make Me Wheel
A lake of blood flows in this Happy Tree Friends cartoon edition. Prepare to see cartoon gore!
Happy Tree Friends - Eyes Cold Lemonade
That's going to leave a mark. One of the more bloody Happy Tree Friends cartoons. Cool!
Primal War 8
You can see an improvement on the quality of drawing as animal babes in the spotlight. Yummy!
Happy Tree Friends - Off The Hook
A short HTF animation that shows what happens when you go diving in the water near fishermen.
Primal War 7
The Primal War series continues with the episode 7. Some blood and sword fighting.
Primal War 6
The Primal War story really starts to get going in this animation as a large battle takes place.
Happy Tree Friends - Happy Trails to You Part 2
Happy Trails to You continues in part 2 as we find out what happens to the cartoon gang.
Happy Tree Friends - Happy Trails Part 1
Part one of a two parter Happy Tree Friends bloody cartoon. Enjoy.
Primal War 5
The Primal War animation series continues. Finally an episode that has some meat to it.
Happy Tree Friends - Get Whale Soon
Not the bloodiest HTF, but some good cartoon humor none-the-less.
Primal War 4
Primal War 4 continues to fighting with what looks like dinosaurs versus mammals.
Happy Tree Friends - Milkin' It
Stealing a hot air balloon and a cow is where the animation starts, then the gore finished it off.
Primal War 3
The primal war continues with beasts. A bears head gets ripped off and beasts get stabbed.
Happy Tree Friends - Stealing The Spotlight
The HTF antics continue with the gore infested cartoon. This time with a slight Christmas theme.
Primal War 2
The Primal War animations continue with more fighting and blood.
Customize Your Ride
Custimze the vehicle to your liking. Change what vehicle, the color, rims and more.
Happy Tree Friends - Better Off Bread
Another gory Happy Tree Friends for your enjoyment. The hard life of a super hero.
Doodle Face
Pick a face out of a long of different categories, then draw on it and add items.
Primal War 1
Huge animals firing guns at eat other. What could be cooler? The long Primal War begins!
Happy Tree Friends - Remains To Be Seen
A gory cartoon of little fuzzy cartoon creatures getting slaughtered.
Sounds of Counter-Strike
An animation made with stick figures to the sounds of gun fire from the game Counter-Strike.
Primal Lords 3
The 3rd animation in the beast fighting series. Short for its load time, but good animations.
Animator vs Animation
When a flash creation becomes alive and goes out of control the animator tries to stop it.
Primal Lords 2
A short animation that ties Primal Lords 1 and 3 together. Not much else though.
Happy Tree Friends - I get A Trick Out of You
Watch him perform a trick, oh wait somethings wrong.
Primal Lords 1
An action animation of two sides that are in a battle to the death.
Happy Tree Friends - Out of Sight out of Mime
A short animation of what happens when a mime trick or treater wants candy from a blind guy.

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