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Mã số trò chơi:

War Time
Attack the enemy, but keep an eye on your health.
An air balloon themed DDR-styled game of pushing arrows as they pass the crosshairs. Go higher!
Castle Cat 2
Castle Cat has gone to Miami, but all is not good for our furry little friend.
The Explorer
Click around and move your explorer as you unlock doors and not crash into walls.
Evil Balloon Siege
Throw pins and pop those evil balloons invading your castle.
PacMan 2005
An updated version of PacMan with different levels.

get both grabs to their houses at the same time.
Flash Titles
Select matching tiles to make them disappear.
Gather the numbers in the proper order. Don't touch out of order or start over.
Flying Hero
Travel threw the obstacles as it speeds up.
Balance the weight evenly as you get more objects to balance.
Celebrity Lovechild Quiz
Can you match the parents to their offspring?
Rubiks Cube
The good ol' Rubiks Cube.
Move the gems into their right positions to pass levels.
Keep your helicopter in the air. Remixed with bullets to remove targets.
Another game of Mahjong for you.
Monster Memory
Another memory game, but with monsters and multiple levels.
XXXL Burger
Put the burger together the way the order states. Try to keep up.
Guess the words that start with the starting of the word the game gives you.
Cat Memory
A memory game with cat flash cards. Slightly harder than it looks.
Continue to create Plops without them escaping.
The classic game of Match. It progressively gets harder.
Maeda Path
Keep your mouse on the path to continue on.
Wheel of Fortune
Spin the wheel and guess the letters to the phrase.
Eat the smaller space fish, dodge the large space fish.
The Shell Game
Keep an eye on the shells and pick which one has the black ball under it.
Click four tiles of the same color in a rectangle shape to remove them for points.
Yellow Out
Move the cars, trucks, and automobiles to get the yellow car out of the parking lot
Roll the dice and make the combination of numbers to win.
Click on the letters spell out the word wheel of fortune hangman type game.
Where's Saddam
Where's Waldo type game search for Saddam Hussein's face within a group of people.
UN Weapons Inspector
Walk around the sands of iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction locate oil fields and missile
Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz
Answer questions about Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Majora`s Mask, and others about Link, Ganon
Ultimate Sonic Quiz
Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and
Ultimate Mario Game Quiz
Answer numerous questions on different mario games, featuring luigi, toad, princess, bowser and more
Traffic Jam
Move the cars around and unblock your path home to your caring wife.
Traffic Control 2
Control the traffic lights to let cars, trucks, and other vehicles through intersections.
Traffic Control
Control the traffic lights to let the cars through the intersections.
Tilt Maze
Move the red ball with the arrow keys and get it to the blue square. Press control to reset the leve

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