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Mã số trò chơi:

Wishful Leap of the Ninja
You're a leaf jumping ninja. Jump on the leaves and get as high as possible.
Free Ride
Buckle up as you take on a cross country trip in your jeep to the hottest music festival of the year
Zombie Horde 3
A top down looking shooter. Shoot the zombies before they reach you. Complete your mission.
Fill Up
Push each ball into a marked spots. Don't get trapped or move them wrongly or you have to restart.
Jeep Flyer
Line Rider remixed with a jeep that has extreme crash resistance. Slide upside down on the line even
Frogger remixed with a sheep and perhaps one or two twists on the gameplay.

Sea Survival
Guide your fish around and eat fish smaller than you. Watch out for bigger fish than you.
Rafting Game
Guide your raft down the river, dodge objects. Gets quite a bit harder after first level.
Pang 2004
Shoot the ball and the bals that explode from that ball. 1 or 2 players.
Little Erde
A boy and his sausage playing around the world.
Holy Cow
Drop the playing card symbols onto the people with the same sign.
Shoot the ghosts while driving on your moped.
Free Fall
You're falling. Dodging the strange lego shaped balls that come at you.
Knock other kids kites into the electrical wires or break the string by hitting them upwards.
Bum's Rush
Run out into traffic to get a penny or two!
Astroboy vs One Bad Storm
Punch the astroids to break them and don't let them get past you.
Blob Farm
Keep the blobs from getting hurt.
When Balls Attack
Shoot the balls and the smaller balls that come after. Don't let them hit you.
Space Boy
Dodge the alien, shoot the alien, don't die from the alien.
Flash Ball
Have your ball shoot the other ball or ram the other ball.
Ninja Kid
Throw chinese stars at the incoming ninjas to stay alive.
Urban S.W.A.T.
Swat the flies. Kill enough to proceed to next round.
Pedel like a mad man faster than your opponent and grab pickups to speed you along.
Who Stole My Medicine?
A type of "Find Waldo" game. Shown picture, then find the character in the crowd.
Laser the green balls and let nothing else touch your laser.
Winter Harvest
Bounce the squirrels so they can get nuts.
Bomb Dodger
Dodge the bombs until there are too many to dodge.
Primordial Soup
Move the germ offspring to the layer that contains that same type of germ. Innovative gameplay.
ThiefBaums World
Your Eric Bauman and you're going to steal as much as you can.
Dodge the fish and floaties and survive for 5 days.
Kill the stickman as many times as possible in the time given.
Bounce into other creatures to pop their bubbles.
Slice the bugs before they reach the other side. Don't let 50 bug through.
Go Michael Go!
Collect all your kiddie porn before the cops get you.
Cowboys and Chinamen
A bunch of mini games all placed into one storyline.
Dangerous Dave and Brutal Bob
Hit Dave as far as you can by swinging at him as he rides by.
A Day of Slacking
Grab the items that give joy, stay away from things that cause stress.
Prehisto Riks
Fly on your dino as you throw rock hammers at attacking bees.
Blow fire at the falling bags and then eat the candy inside as it falls.

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