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Mã số trò chơi:

Via Sol
Build up your new city and home in this strategy game.
Stick Strike
A top-down view of a stick men game with multiple weapons.
Panik in Suburbia
Jump on platforms and ropes just right to make it across without dying a bunch of times.
Dice Wars
A thinking game of strategy and attack.
Shoot all the witches before they fly off the screen.
Bomber Kid
Bomberman remixed into Bomber Kid. How about another Bomberman game?

Madness Modification
Shoot the Madness characters as you explore the world, try challenges, or just experiment. Cool!
Joeys Day Out
Complete missions that individuals give you. Missions like collect and throw away trash.
Planet Defender
Upgrade your ship, shield, weapons, and energy as you shoot down incoming enemies. Multiple levels.
Primer Evac
Rescue the space men that will soon die if you don't pick them up and extend your shield around them
Ninja Kid
Slice and dice the fireballs and other crazy creatures. Some of which throw their eyeballs at you.
Maplestory - Treasure Hunt
Kill the sand zombies as you pickup goodies to restore your health. Use powerups when you can.
Super Tank
Drive your tank through this sidescrolling adventure game. Squish enemy soldiers.
JibQuest 2-D
Avoid boobie traps in the game as you move forward as you learn where the traps are then try again.
The New Dawn - Prologue
Open doors and shoot zombie creatures that come after you. Be quick or run!
Shoot as many bad guys and mines as possible as you dodge the ones you miss.
Phantom Mansion - The Indigo Dungeon
The Phantom Mansion series continues. Grab skulls, keys, and more as you avoid the monsters.
Draw Destroy
Create your character by drawing parts of him and his weapons, then start the sidescrolling.
Dragon Ball III
Bash the jets and helicopters as you dodge their fire. Clunky jets break with a few stick hits.
Aster Blaster
Escape the UFOs by shooting the buildings so you can fly through openings.
Cool sidescrolling game with spikes, bombs, items to pickup, enemies to avoid, sping boards and more
Super Mario Vetorial World
Another game of Mario with a few levels. Can you make it through each level alive?
Dragon Flame
Blow balls of fire at the archers that are trying to shoot you down with their flaming arrows.
Armadillo Knight 1
Fight the battles that the weak cannot fight themselves in this sidescroller hack and slash game.
SRWM Operation Beowulf
Fly around in your spaceship as you avoid enemy fire as you shoot down the enemy ships.
Adventures Of Gyro
A very cool platformer of grabbing items, bouncing on flying pigs, and grabbing keys to unlock doors
Action platformer where you grab the fish bones as you dodge the hopping bunnies. Strange, but fun.
Dodge obstacles as you move through each level. Watch out for arrows, spikes, saws, and more.
Choose Your Weapons 2
Swing and jump in this platformer as you pick the right weapon to kill the enemies on each level.
Demo Man
Swing your wrecking ball into the corporate buildings to knock them down to build candy shops. Yummy
Loved Up
Grab the chocolate candy as you jump from platform to platform in this Valentine game. Shoot hearts!
HappyLand Valentine
An updated version with more levels and content. Shoot your hearts at objects to turn them happy.
Space Courier
Fly carefully as you bring packages around the levels. Don't land to hard or you explode!
Sneak around, snap necks, and hide the dead bodies. Don't be seen or it's game over.
The Unfair Platformer
Can you remember where the traps are? These levels are out to see you die. Good luck!
Share the love as you shoot hearts sad objects so that they become happy. Smooth colors.
Wayside Arrow Escape
move the two cartoon characters from platform to platform getting higher and higher.
Star Ship Last Battle
Fly your spaceship in this top down shooter. Customize your ship through a shop. Can you last?
Cupids Quest
Shoot the mean monster hearts with Cupids love arrows to turn them into pink love hearts.
Tank Shooter
Dodge enemy fire as you blast away all the enemy aircrafts. Watch out for dropped nukes!
Brave Plane
Shoot the enemy soldiers and enemy aircrafts. Dodge their bullets!
Shadow Ascent
Crawl the side of the mountain as high as possible. Kick enemies off of platforms whenever possible.

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