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Mã số trò chơi:

Nifer Creator
Create all sorts of strange, cool, and crazy faces. Use them for avatars on forums and anywhere else
Salvo Holiday Addition
Kill enemies and make bombs go off near enemies for bonuses.
Ghost n Goblins level 1
The sidescrolling classic returns. While only one level, still pretty fun and challenging. Nice.
Jelly Blocks
Slide the blocks so that the colors join the other same colors.
Flash Crisis
Gun down the bad men while staying alive.
Whack Your Boss
Find the 7 different ways to whack your boss in this painfully funny office simulation. Did you know

Modern Medieval
A sidescrolling stickman bow 'n' arrow game. Multiple levels and requires decent aiming with mouse.
Pixel Blaster
Shoot the waves of jets that shoot back at you. Don't forget to keep that health up.
Sky Boarder 2
A sidescrolling game with you flying on a hover board. Attack incoming enemies.
Truth Battle
A top-down viewed action shooting game. Shoot all the enemy solders for new missions.
Pie Craving
A side view action game with jumping, collecting fruit, dodging bad guys and getting the pie.
Romanius II
Go up against a few enemies at a time or change game modes and take on an entire army.
Armadillo Knight 2 Wara Wood
A side scrolling kid game with an Armadillo, bouncy mushrooms, and sword slicing.
A cool pixel game with throwing eggs at monsters. Power ups, different attack styles and more.
Red Plane
A top-down view airplane shooting game. Tons of powerups, bosses and enemy fire to dodge.
A Halloween Horror
A sidescrolling jumping and collecting game with enemies to kill as well.
A sidescroller plane shooter. Fly and shoot in different time periods.
Rain Ride
Float down the stream and grab items while dodging others to stay alive and keep that score high.
Sonic XS
Another Sonic game. Crappy graphics, but different that regular sonic gameplay style.
Ghoul Academy
Sideview action, shooter game with skeletons. Multiple weapons.
Wireframe Wars
Simple graphics, but good gameplay with a bunch of different kinds of enemies.
Sealab 2021
Shoot all the underwater monsters and keep them from touching you.
Remixed Metal Slug! A side scroller with guns, grenades, air dropped enemies, tanks, and more. SWEET
Galactic Neighbour Arcade
Shoot the ships floating in each level. Don't forget to grab a gun and ammo.
Horror Scape The Adventures of Marty
The short legged Marty must take down the zombies that he encounters in this sidescroller.
Happy Heks
A sidescrolling action, adventure with a witch looking for ingredients for her potion.
The Pumpkins Ballade
Fly on your broomstick and shoot the oncoming flying pumpkins.
Miepie's Combat
Shoot the crocs as they come onto the screen.
Escape The Paparazzi
Run away from the paparazzi and collect stars while doing it.
Muffin the Star Hunter
Great looking sidescroller for kids and grownups alike. Grab the stars, bounce on enemies.
Shadow Division
Sidescrolling shooter with mission objectives and smart enemies.
Shoot the other ships in this side view ship shooter game.
Alien Wars
Indiana Jones on an alien spacecraft? Cool!
Prevent Attack Part 2
Shoot the incoming helicopters. Try not to let any pass you.
Alien Carnage
Sidescroller action, alien shooter flash game.
QuibeLand: Evolution
Sidescrolling coin collecting, enemy attacking game.
Neon 2
A far off remix of Asteroids, but remixed enough to not be considered retro.
Power Copter
Multiple weapons and more and more enemies appearing as you get farther into the game.
Space Skirmish II
Shoot the incoming aliens. Get new weapons, upgrades and defense mods.
Runes of Shalak
A simple stick figure coin collecting action game.
Samurais Blood 2
Slice and dice the other samurais that try to attack you.
Another viewing sidescroller with chopping and punching action.

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