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Mã số trò chơi:

Guide your ball through magnetic puzzles. Get to the end circle if you can.
Wink in The Princess Stealing Dragon
Wink returns in this sidescrolling fighting and shadow hiding game.
Killer Cars 2
Use your car to drve around the field and kill unsuspecting players.
The Ultimate Video Game Quiz Challenge: Atari
Answer classic video gaming questions and test your knowledge of early video games. Gets harder.
The Gunman: Sniper
Shoot down the stick men with your sniper rifle as they pop out of their crates.
Peugeot Time Trial
More top-down racing for your enjoyment.

Lost Head
Click on certain spots on the map at the right time to get the little girl up higher to get her head
The Walls - Part One
Clear the walls to find the pass code that will get you to the next level.
Gold Panic
Find a way to get the chunks of gold into your mining cart. Watch out for spiders.
Factory Balls
Drop the balls on the correct items to create the ball displayed on the box. Harder than it sounds.
Chat Noir
Click the circles to try and block the cat from escaping. Can you keep the kitten around?
Fill In The Blank Cult Movies
After watching a short clip from cult movies, use the multiple choices to decide the next line.
Rotate the pieces so that they create a single colored cube. Don't let the blocks fill up entirely.
Geoffrey's Quest
Click on items throughout the game and pickup some, discover what others can be used for. Explore.
Gold Mine
40 Levels of grabbing gold coins as you escape the gremlins. Sweet!
An amazing puzzle game of controlling time and getting your past self to let you through doors.
Free The Pharaoh
Slide the pharoah tombs around to make a path for the red boxed one to escape.
Room Escape 3
Although cheaply drawn, try to escape the room by solving multiple puzzles that all fit together.
A large amount of levels of moving blocks around to all fit snuggly into the yellow space. Get going
Boob Match 3
Look at the famous boobs and match the two pairs that you think belong to the same celebrity.
The Gilded Seal
Make your way passed the lasers. Can you steal the painting and 6 artifacts to escape?
Sola Rola Gravity Maze
Rotate the mazes so that both ball characters are on the buttons together.
The Mind Bender
Overcome all the obstacles by using your mind to lift boxes to help you progress through the maps.
Draw the line you want to slide on to grab all the stars. You can draw while he slides too.
Porn Star or Pop Star 9
Look at the body of the hottie and decide if it belongs to a porn star or a pop star. Careful!
Sweet Sue
Sweet Sue needs to be guided down the path that grabs all the sweet candy. Similar to pipe games.
25 levels of sliding similar colored blocks together without leaving any left over.
Dynasty Warriors - Find The Difference
Find the differences between the two Dynasty Warrior images. Easier than most difference games.
Blockslide 2
Slide the blocks, blow up the blocks, and punch the blocks on 25 levels.
Space Sokoban
Move the planets with your spaceship into the vortexes. Don't move any into unmovable spots.
Violet Tower
Figure out the puzzles and progress through the levels solving more even more puzzles.
True or False 2
Answer 50 different questions on different difficulty settings. How smart are you?
Spirit Guide
Guide the floating skulls through the map with your mouse. Use formations to speed it up.
Rainbow Block
The game is all about switching one colored block for another and putting similar colors together.
Day of The Bobteds
Drop the balls so that they hit all the needed objects in the level. Later levels take some thinking
Folio Frenzy
Grab the books and place them next to other books of the same color. A lot harder than it sounds.
Star Magic
Shoot the colored orbs next to other orbs of the same color to make them disappear.
A matching game that grows with more pieces as you finish each level. Gets much harder.
The same as "Manifold" but adjusted with difficulty levels to jump to the harder levels in the game.

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