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Mã số trò chơi:

Sneak up behind the gaurds and stab them in the head.
Ultimate Sheep Toss
Adjust your power and angle to hit your enemies tower with the flying sheep.
The Endless zombie rampage
Watch the blood spray from the zombies as you shoot them full of holes. Watch out for that reload.
Cloud Climber
Jump from cloud to cloud and grab the coins. Don't miss a cloud or you will fall to your death.
Generic Defense
8 different turret defending games all mixed up with different art, but with similar gameplay. Nice.
Cooking cookies
You have 3 min to cook all full cookies.

Card Match
A memory game of matching cards. As you progress the boards get bigger and the time gets shorter.
Crystal Clear
Slide the blocks all over the place to make a group of five or more. Pretty fun.
Send your chrome ball flying to grab the stars. If you miss it on your first pass it gets very hard.
Video Game Music Challenge
Can you answer all the questions right about older video and console games? Some based on music.
Attack of The Big Green Munchy Things
Draw lines to move your UFO from one path to another and dodge the munchy things. Rescue people.
Drill down as fast as you can using same colored blocks to increase your drilling speed. Don't die.
Have complete control over the level setup and then play the CPU or another friend. Cool game.
Rings and Sticks
Can you make the sticks grow to pass through all the rings on the level? Gets quite difficult.
Traditional Checkers
How about a game of checkers? What makes it hard is if a jump is lined up, it makes you take it.
Break In
Sneak around the search lights and make your way past the guards.
Discover what you are meant to do and do it. From flipping switches and more.
Can you connect the DNA together to help your experiment grow? Cool puzzle game.
Get as many Mayan statues onto the ladder. Push bombs that fall onto the tower off before they blow.
Toon Shift
As the creatures roll along the conveyor belt, change the direction so they end up in their boxes.
Railroad Ruckus
Line the train walkway up with the train and the incoming passengers. If you don't they go splat.
City Jumper Extreme
Push the right keys to jump over the obstacles at just the right height. Jump wrongly and you die!
Gimme5 - Movie
Compare movie posters and spot 5 differences between them. Can get rather difficult spoting them.
Bom Search
Ready for some word finding? Given mutliple topics, you find the words to unlock new topics. Nice.
Block Puzzle
Move the blocks out of your way so that you can match up the boxes with Xs on them.
Cupid's Crush
A Valentine themed Bejewled game for the Valentine inclined.
Valentine Word Drop
Mixed up words slowly drop, you have to reoganize the letters to make Valentines words.
Tile Puzzle
Change all the blocks to green smiley faces when you can only change certain ones at a time.
Fill Up
Push each ball into a marked spots. Don't get trapped or move them wrongly or you have to restart.
QUIZ Momentum
Use your knowledge of history to answer questions correctly to give your runner more speed to win.
Connect 2
Connect two images together that are next to each other or have a small space in between them.
Priests n Devils
Move all the priests and devils across, but don't let them attack each other by out numbering.
A bunch of different game modes for skill or arcadish gameplay makes this an excellent game.
Escape Series 1
Can you escape from the car using your brain and any objects you may find? Harder than it sounds.
Test Subject
Put the shapes together to make the pattern before the monkey does. Are you dumber than a monkey?
Use the sliders to slide the rows and columns so the balls lineup with their portals.
Sea Jewels Hooks Gold
Similar to Bejeweled only the pieces don't disappear after you make the groups of 3 or more. Cool.
Similar to Lemmings of setting up objects so that the people can make it to the exit.
Drop the blocks onto their corrisponding shapes. The game gets quite difficult in later levels.

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