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Mã số trò chơi:

Laugh Yer Ass Off
A kitten that finds something humorous.
Donkey Rocket
Bomb donkeys with your helicopter. Dodge the rockets the donkeys fire back.
Sprout into new things to progress in this game. Try to keep moving forward.
Drop Job
Pop the water bubbles to share the water to all the puzzle pieces. Arcade and puzzle gameplay modes.
Elk's Revenge
Dodge the bear until his weakness shows, then go on a rampage and run into him.
Bomb Droid
A remix of Bomberman. You have to find the door once enemies are dead.

Camera Focus
Take pictures of the bunnies that pop up. Don't waste too much film. Get the score to level up.
Closing Dimensions
Bounce your ball around as you hit other balls. Adjust your power and angle to get them all.
Keep the ball from rising or falling to fast. Once you get far enough, you have to start dodging.
Move your blurred cursor over the blinking red dots as they appear. Careful everything is blurry.
Juggle Trouble
Click on the balls to juddle them and keep all the balls from touching the ground.
Self Storage
Stack the boxes as carefully and as high as possible. Careful, they rotate on the crane.
Panic Land Extreme
Guide your mouse threw narrow passages trying to reach the end. Extra hard levels at the end.
Play multiplayer with other people over the Internet. Make the balls bounce on their side.
Mouse In Trouble II
Move your mouse threw each level while you avoid touching the walls.
Rock Band Moshpit Madness
Toss the guitarist as far as possible by picking the best angle and power to toss him with.
Click on the guys to make them either grab the food or dodge the bombs. More guys keep appearing.
Move the monkey higher and higher as you jump from platform to platform. Don't miss!
One of the most insane mouse moving games of not touching the walls out there. Good luck!
Guide your mouse through each level as you click where you want the ball to make a straight line to.
Gold Digger
Launch your gold digging crane in the right direction to pull up the largest pieces of gold you can.
Move your ball, grabbing coins and invincible while dodging bars and more!
Rolling Challenge
Roll the ball around on the platform as you make turns and make your way to the goal.
Block Mania RaspberryRed
Move around while dodging the other colors and grabbing the green. Boxes hide in background colors.
Give the patient just enough juice to get them alive, but not too much or they fry!
Time Assault
Swing the clock hand back and forth keeping the ninjas out of your clock.
Mr Barbeque
Shoot the sticks through the types and amount of food people want when they come to your barbeque.
Click Race
Click the box as many times as possible. Watch out, and don't click the wrong one when they move.
Rocket Weasel
Launch the rocket with the weasel attached just right so he hits the target and gets you points.
Turkey Fling
Fling the turkey away from the fire as you grab corn in mid air and try to get your turkey far.
Fat Turkey
Move around eating thanksgiving treats while dodging the hunter. Get as plump as possible.
Turkey Bowl
Roll the apples and try to hit as many turkeys as possible in the given amount of time.
Dance Dunk-Off
Continue your Guitar Hero key pressing with a game where you switch from dancer to slam dunker.
Pedal on your bike as you float around the mine grabbing cinnamon and avoiding the walls.
Plankton Life
Dodge the bad weapons and enemies, while grabbing balls that evolve your creature. Evolve!
Move your blobber around collecting smaller blobs and growing bigger. Watch out for enemies.
Ultra Dragon Fun Force
Another game similar to Guitar Hero. Press the keys as they roll over the correct spot. Jam away!
Speed Roll
Roll your mouse over the buttons as fast as possible in 40 different levels. Don't run out of time!
Spell Duelist
Fight against multiple CPU opponents as you push arrows in this Guitar Hero-like game.

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