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Mã số trò chơi:

Put down various goodies and sprites and make your own animation.
You're a foam peanut, progress through world, stay alive.
Air Ball
You've played Kickups, right? Now try and keep all the balls up! Try and keep the multiple sports ba
Funny Quest
Push the keys to the locked doors. Don't push a key where you can't get it to the door.
Exofusion 2
A great space shooter with a market place for upgrading ship.
Iso Snake
Funny how a simple change in perspective changes how hard a game is. Try to play snake again.

Dodo Hunt
Shoot the dodo birds and try not to miss to many times. Reach the highest level possible.
Shoot the waves of enemies that continue to flow to see how long you can last.
Shots in the Darkness
Shoot the white circles with shapes in them while poking around in the dark. Find them quickly!
Shape Invasion
Shoot the incoming enemies trying to attack your turret. Upgrade your turret and weapons.
Shoot all the blocks on each map to kill the core. Watch out for core fire.
Shape Shooter 2
Shoot all the incoming shapes that are trying to destroy your turret. Grab pickups when possible.
Grossology The Big Bug Blast
Shoot the bugs as they continue to fill the screen in this sidescroller.
Space Trap
Shoot the incoming space ships, and turn your back to use your shield to protect you.
Shooting Practice
Practice your aiming skills as you shoot the target. Careful your crosshairs sway.
Planet Protector
Protect your planet by shooting incoming planets and bouncing them back. Grab pickups.
Catnip Mission
Shoot the toys that move over the cat. Don't wake the cat up by shooting it.
Wade Defender
Defend your guy by shooting all the incoming objects and make them explode.
Shoot all the enemies attacking you in the pitch black rooms. At least you have a flashlight.
Shoot the incoming zombies and other enemies. Turn in 360 degrees and reload. No brains for you!
Red n Blu
Shoot the enemies all around you. More keep coming. Firing speed slows as you progress.
Blood Dawn Chapter 1
Keep the zombies back as you blow their skulls a part, and watch the brains fly.
Indestructo Copter
Shoot down the choppers as you lead the targets from close to far away. Upgrade weapons and power.
Not Another Defence Game
Shoot the boulders that are bouncing towards your village. Blast them away with your cannon!
FiRE 3
Fire at all the incoming enemies. Watch out for those recharges and the distance your cannon reaches
Goblin Defence
Keep the goblins away by shooting arrows at them with your archers. The hord gets stronger.
Time Mission Arcade Edition
A shooter game with a huge weapon selection once you generate enough money to purchase them. Cool!
Devil Bats
Shoot the devil bats as they cross the screen. Don't forget to reload. Game sometimes lags.
Defend The Tower Chapter 2
Shoot the incoming enemy fire creatures. Make it long enough to continue to upgrade your powers.
Magnet Shooter
Shoot the enemies with the opposite polarity than what they are to destroy them.
Dead Frontier Night Three
Shoot all the zombies that approach you and your team. Don't let them get to your brains.
Death Zone
Shoot the zombies in the dark as you make your way from each area. Don't let them get you!
Cock Shooter 2
Shoot the passing chickens. Try to blow their heads off for maximum points. Don't let any escape!
Chimney Challenge
Throw snowballs at the people that pop out of the chimneys, but don't hit Santa.
The Parrot Hunter
Shoot the parrots with a limited amount of shots. Earn money and invest it in the game.
Santa's Cannon
Aim the cannon with a slider bar and a button for horizontal and vertical control.

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