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Mã số trò chơi:

Modern Tactics
A turn based strategy game of tactics, cover and killing the enemy team. Can you do it?
Get the glowing ball and it's orbit around you to continue moving upward by balancing yourself.
You finished the adventure once, can you finish it again?
Bomb Defuse
Can you defuse the bomb in time?
Attack of the Mutant Snowmen
Shoot the snowmen as they pop up and blow holes threw them.
If Breakout had a character and had some type of story behind it. It might look like this.

Bubble Bobble The Revival
Another Bubble Bobble game where you blow bubbles at enemies and collect fruit.
Mr. Cage - Sudden Death
Jump up levels dodging fireballs and more. Reach the top to level up.
Marble World
A marble jumping and coin collecting game. Dispite the cheap look, it's fun.
Scream into your megaphone at everybody. Pickup ammo for your megaphone or your in trouble.
Maid Rouser Captive
Side action shooter game with some chit chatty dialogue.
POTO The magic potato
A short potato jumping and coin collecting game.
Megaman Zero Alpha
Sidescrolling action with old school characters.
Super Monkey Poop Fight
Throw crap at other monkeys and dodge their flying poop.
The Professionals II
A sidescrolling action shooter with a Hitman character like assassin. (10MB)
Stick Strike
A top-down view of a stick men game with multiple weapons.
The Defender Game
1 or 2 players in this multi-mission game top-down shooter.
Twilight Valkyrie
Another sidescrolling jet shooter with multiple weapons and enemies.
The Fresh Prince vs the KKK
Shoot the KKK with an assortment of weapons and blow them to bits.
Space Skirmish
Shoot the incoming enemies and prevent them from destroying your satelite building.
Shoot the bees as they come out of their "hive" ship.
Flash Demon
Prepare for topdown space shooting action in this Raiden X similar game.
Mutants 2
Shoot the mutants as they pop out of bushes and more in this topdown view game.
Killer Cheeto
You're an angry Cheeto out for revenge, make them pay!
Blue Dwarf Fiesta Gang
Shoot the incoming enemies with all sorts of holographics.
A Parting Shot
A sidescroller with bow and arrow action.
Aerial Siege 2
Shoot down the passing helicopters with your tank.
Overkill: Apache
An awesome sidescrolling shooting game that feels extremely like a Metal Slug game. A must play!
Stickman Sam 4
The Stickman Sam series continues. This time it's out of the boxes and into sidescrolling.
Zombie Survival SM
A retuned version with different weapons, new levels and more. SWEET!
A tomb raiding sidescrolling action game with shooting, rolling and monster shooting.
Robo Slug
A sidescrolling robot shooter with shooting and grenades.
Furious Fire
Shoot all enemies. You Fire the way you move.
Raiden IIS B
An excellent top down jet space shooter game with great gameplay.
X-treme Tugboating
A simple, but addictive game of grabbing fish on a small planet. Gets intense.
Magic Mansion
Grab the keys, avoid the creatures and get to the door.
Colonel Kerfuffle in Castle Calamity
With your flashlight, explore and find your way around the castle.
Metal Wrath
A fast paced jet shooter with multiple enemies.
Gunmaster Onslaught
The first in the Gunmaster series where you shoot down enemy troops, aircrafts, and more.
Sea Assault
Shoot down helicopters while bombing subs as well.
Move to targets through vast space and blow them up. Upgrade your ship too.
Galactic Warrior
A top down view space shooter with mouse control.

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