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Mã số trò chơi:

Ladybug Mating Game
Press the arrow keys in this DDR style game. Keep volume off to not hear love making sounds.
Shadow Factory
Drive your truck in the factory. Plays similar to the physic controlling games. Extremely Fun!
Weltling 2 Regurgitated
Barf up chunks of blood and full streams of blood to keep the enemies from hurting you. 4 play modes
Who Wants to be a Cartoon Fanboy?
Answer the questions correctly. Miss a question and start over.
Scope Assault
Shoot the guys that popup around the whitehouse.
Super Mario: Rampage
Super Mario has had enough of headbutting blocks and foolishly jumping on enemies. Now, Mario has a

A well created RPG exploration game. Pick your character and then begin your adventure.
Battle Conqueror
A well created RPG game with multiple areas and purchasable items.
Ego City Battle
Time for some RPG style fighting.
Johnny Rocketfingers 2
Make the decisions to get the desired outcome. Careful, you may die!
The Garage Escape
Another escape and puzzle solving game. Can you find what you need to escape?
While telling a story there are parts for you to make decisions. You will live or die by those decis
Red Devil 2
Explore and talk to people as well as shoot. Find out about a crashed UFO.
Dr. Metoro
A unique game that is full of both easy and complex puzzles.
Dona Room
Explore the room and continue to progress in this RPG puzzle game.
Dr. Stanley
Explore and find objects that help you get more objects to complete the game.
Acaro 2
An adventure and RPG game where you explore and puzzle solve.
You're a nerd and need to become more popular in this RPG.
The Last Wizard
Explore, buy, and attack as a magical wizard.
Your ball against an enemy ball. Fight to the death!
The Ambridge Mansion - Day1
Explore in RPG that has creepy monsters.
Darkness Episode 2
More exploring, more running around.
Submachine 3: The Loop
Explore what looks like 100s of levels and 1000s of rooms in this sequel.
From Heaven To Hell Chapter 1
Explore through the well created RPG environments.
Darkness Episode 1
Explore and click around to complete this RPG.
Pixel Monsters
Draw your own pixel monster and then unleash him against the AI monster.
Heads up Hero Man
Set your skill points and start slaying heroes.
Pricilla Gone Missing
Explore and click on objects to take or find out what they are.
The Legacy of Pliskin II
Explore a new world now that you are the Legandary Pliskin.
The Legacy of Pliskin
Explore in this role playing game and solve the puzzle.
Submachine 2: Lighthouse
The Submachine series continues in the next RPG adventure inside a lighthouse.
Two IM icons fight against each other in RPG style gameplay.
Qaz's Quest The Dark Aura
Wake up and get exploring in this RPG game with all sorts of puzzles.
LethalRpgWar 2
Explore in this role playing game. Set your race, upgrade your character and more.
Telepath RPG Chapter 1
Set your character skill levels and explore and talk, use your telepathy on victums.
Explore and find out codes on items spread around.
Gladiator Castle Wars
Talk and explore in this well done RPG game.
Adventure in exploring and fighting creatures in this top-down view game.
Mesiria RPG Chapter 1
A fighting RPG game with magic and sword dueling.

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