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Mã số trò chơi:

Kingdom Fire
Explore the world and find out what's what.
Mario Starcatcher 2
Collect the coins and finish by touching the big star.
Guide your spaceship and shoot all the dots. Watch out for the black barriers.
The Goat in The Grey Fedora
You're a private investigator. Investigate the leads that you have!
Shotgun: Defend The Flag
Defend the flag at all costs!
Dragon Fist 2
Chinese style fighting game.

Stab the alley bums with broken bottles. Bleed alley bum, BLEED!
Charge up your aqua gun and fire at the incoming machines that are attacking your water world.
Escape the dungeon and try to stay alive. You don't want to die from a huge swinging ball.
Pinball Woman
Bounce the Pinball Woman on objects to get her to bounce higher and higher into the air.
As close to Staggy 3 as you'll get. Made by the same people behind Staggy this is pretty sweet!
Bloody Rabbit
This bunny has gone ape shit. Kill all the other fluffy creatures in the forest. DIE!
The Omega Warrior
Cut up the monsters with your sword. Put up your shield to defend yourself. Get far and don't die.
Robot War
You are a weak robot that dies after one hit. Use your weapons to not get hit in this sidescroller.
Four Fighters
Pick your character in this sidescrolling flying and shooting game. Don't forget to powerup.
Round The World
Grapple from one helicopter and items from level to level and try not to fall to your death.
Mermaid Rescue
Kill all the creatures that try to attack your mermaid. They come from all around.
Super Mario World Flash
19 levels of sweet Mario goodness. Creative and new Mario levels. Yes!
Valentines Day Chainsaw Massacre
Kick, punch, and chainsaw as you move through this sidescroller. Slide blocks and cut barriers.
Boys vs Girls
Sidescroller action game with some skill testing punching on the side. Play as a boy or a girl.
Ninja Quest
Nice ninja sidescrolling slicer game. Chop the attacking ninjas and other weapons on them.
Super Soaker Madness
Keep the Madness universe characters away from you by shooting your super soaker.
Move your dot around as you attack incoming ships. Attack with faster speed to destroy larger ships.
MoonMaster RahKon
Grab ore, gems and shoot UFOs. Protect your world and your women.
Cosmic Terminex
Fly your spaceship and blow up the alien ships that are coming towards you. Watch out for asteroids.
I am Legend
Pass the first somewhat boring level to get to zombie shooting. Blow the zombies brains out.
Lazer Shot deuX
Shoot as many incoming missile enemies as possible. Don't let them hit you. Shoot the bonus blocks.
FWG Island
Attack the men invading your island trying to chop down your forest. Build towers and upgrade them.
Jungle Boogie
Climb up ladders, grab fruit, swing from vines and more in this platformer.
Laser War 2
Shoot the enemy tanks as you move around the blocks. Careful, they get smarter and harder later on.
Doktor Fallout
Shoot all the aliens and upgrade and build multiple weapons to make taking them out easier. Cool!
Rainbow Spider
Spin your webing to stay swinging as you grab all the pickups. Last for as long as possible.
Escape from Hell
Escape from the growing fire of hell by jumping on the platforms and moving upwards.
Vile Strobo
Try to escape as you shoot evil robots and grab powerups. Don't get vaporized!
Castle Cat 3
Jump on cactus as your fire your cannon at snakes and aliens.
War On The Block
Shoot at the enemy tanks as they try to destroy your base. Take them down before they can.
Escape from Scientology Land Part 1
You've been kidnapped by the Scientologists. You now have to escape from their domain.
Mankinds Last Hope
Fly your rocket to earth, grab dino eggs, chop off dino heads, and more.
Wiggi Rush
Make your way through the mazes and find the star at the end to move to the next level.

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