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Mã số trò chơi:

Stick Figure Suicide
An animation of stick figures killing themselves.
Metal Slug Rampage 3
Marco, the ruthless killer managed to escape the UN peace keeping forces in his last encounter
This is a fight between two groups of children. The weapons are mud balls… throw them at your oppone
The Hidden Rings
Click on the sixteen tiles to find the golden rings and avoid finding the red wizard.
Star Blaster
A simple game of shooting strange creatures. Cartoonish.
Red Blood Fighter
A large variety of fighters to choose from. Some easier to beat than others.

Chompy's Winter Rescue
Grab the type of food on the conveyor belt and feed it to the creature that needs that type of food.
Twisted Drag
Drag the ball to the light. Dodge all obstacles as they increase in each level.
The Timewaster
A few simple games to waste some time. Follow the instructions closely.
Santa Fartypants
Fart to get lift, get up to the roofs to deliver presents for all the children.
Twisted Nipples
Twist the nipples as much as possible and keep them twisted for as long as possible.
Don't blow your cover by letting cameras or guards view you for too long or it's game over.
Stickicide 2
You're a stick guy. You have to kill yourself as many times as possible before the time runs out.
Name That Mario Song
Name what game the song is from. Picture mode has you select the game image that contains that sound
Havoc Mountain
The snowball is rolling down the hill. Dodge the obstacles until you grow large enough.
Wedu Toboggan Jump 2002
Give the toboggan just enough power to make it through the hoop, but not too much or they die!
Santa's Deed
Toss the right presents into the right houses or the children will get pissed.
Blockhead: The Game
A game similar to The Sims, don't let the guy get angry or he won't move. Interesting game.
Mahjongg Deluxe
How about a game of Mahjongg? Click similar pieces that are on the edges of blocks.
Last Tank Standing
Shoot the incoming soldiers. Keep them back wave after wave for as long as possible.
Angel Run
Fly away from the little devil throwing fireballs at you. Watch out for his closer attack.
Franky The Fish
Eat smaller fish than yourself, but dodge larger fish. As you grow, start eating bigger fish.
Crazy Ball
Jump up and bounce the ball of your head into the other creatures goal before he does it to you.
Place planets just right to give Sputnik the longest tragectory possible. Cool.
2 Many Bugs
Draw a circle around two bugs of the same type to make them disappear. Circle bugs in time given.
The Kill-Kar
Run over the people and splatter their blood on the pavement while dodging bombs & getting health.
The Anthrax Jelly
Bubbles appear with letters in them. Click on the bubbles to spell a word then click check word.
Crazy Nut
Bounce on top of objects and get higher and higher. Keep going up and up until you miss a bounce.
Angel Pang
Shoot your plunger up into the air and hit the balls or make them hit the attached rope.
Serve or Die
Serve the correct food to the correct people or they'll get mad.
Mayhem In The Skies
Save the babies falling from the sky, launch cannonballs at falling bombs.
The ultimate game of rock, paper, siccors with more than just the regular three options.
Squirrel Harvest
Grab the nuts with your grapple, but avoid the bugs.
Defend The Ashes
Grab the little men before they reach the ashes.
Playing Field 2
Kill all the enemies on screen. Upgrade to new stages and new destructive powers.
Eye Pod
Roll the eyeball over the numbers in the proper order. Too much power and you'll roll off course.
Harpoon Lagoon
Harpoon the fish, get money, speed up boat, buy depth charges. Have fun.
Flames of Fury
Create unique fireballs to blow up your objectives.
Drag the dot through each level. Levels get harder and harder.
Line Rider Hacked
Line Rider Hacked allows you to create ceilings by drawing the line from right to left.
Turkey Panic
grab the turkeys and put them in the back of the truck. Hurry, they run fast.
Turkey to Go
Catch the feathers and corn to save your skin.

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