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Mã số trò chơi:

The Search
Push the keys as the music plays. Another take on Guitar Hero.
Magic Mansion
Grab the keys, avoid the creatures and get to the door.
12 Holes of Christmas
Lets play some Christmas golf.
Order the characters in the order the computer displays.
Truth Battle
Move around the map in this top down shooter. Shoot the enemies and dodge their fire. Grab pickups.
Backyard Brawl
Picture your character and start fighting. Each fighter has a bashing weapon.

White Knight
Slice up the enemy. Cut them into two and chop off their noggins. Let the blood flow and kill a lot.
Toast Game
You're a piece of toast. Beware of toasters and grab butter. Cool sidescroller game with Mario feel.
The Adventures of Hunchback Harry
Sidescroller with some simple puzzles and others to figure out. Can you finish the game?
Desert Storm
Shoot down enemy helicopters and blow away enemy bunkers. Watch out for enemy turrets!
Stalingrad Sprint
In this action sidescroller your mission is to dodge bombs and shoot the enemies shooting at you.
Break In 2
Keep out of sight from spotlights, and laser beams by hiding under cover and using other tools.
Super Mario Flash
A new Mario game for you to enjoy. New levels, but the same great gameplay. The classic returns.
Final Tank
Drive your tank and dodge the UFO bombs while trying to blow them out of the sky. Multiple enemies.
A Parting Shot II
A cool sidescroller where you shoot your arrows at the enemies. Don't let them cut you!
The Lost Inca
A cool sidescroller puzzle action game with two characters that have different abilities. Use both.
Drive along the course and grab the points while dodging that which hurts your vehicle.
Rocket Boy
Fly your tiny spaceship around blowing away larger starships as fast as possible.
Hero Tank
Blow away all the enemies and grab powerups whenever possible. Don't hit enemies with your tank.
Dark Horizon
Shoot down the shapes and don't die while defending your planet.
Bubble Tanks
Go from bubble to bubble and shoot the smaller bubbles. Long game.
Cyber Orter Flier
A sidescrolling cyber dragon flying game. Well created and gets difficult rather fast.
Little Fat Ninja
The little fat ninja needs to get the gate open. Draw icey platforms to help him finish the levels.
Battle City
A great game with somewhat of a retro type feel, but continues to be fun as you continue playing.
The Call
Jump on the pillars and throw holy water at the evil ones. Don't die father!
Ball in Trouble
You're a basketball and you have the job of collecting stars on each level. Gets tricky later on.
Flametry Wars
Old school graphics, but great new gameplay. Shoot down the enemy shapes while avoiding their fire.
Flash Freelancer 2
Fly around, shoot other ships, build your ship up, destroy more ships. Can you last throughout?
Space Fighter
A top-down shooter. How long can you stay alive as you shoot down the enemy rocket ships?
Buddy In Space
A sidescroller jet flying shooter game. Cheesy graphics, but decent gameplay with multiple levels.
Millie and the Frost Mage
A side scrolling game where you build up rage and go berserk on the map and enemies. Cool!
Rolf in the Big City
Jump on top of vehicles and grab the bananas while you're at it. Kick enemies.
Tauri Bedrock
Push the rock through the creative levels with your flubbery rolling ball.
Ram the cars in your parking lot and make sure they explode to level up. Don't explode yourself.
Zelda Poe Catcher
Throw your boomerang around and catch guys with your net.
A simple, but fun space game where you shoot down the turrets and upgrade your ship. Gets hard.
Spin Climb
An awesome game of platform jumping, but the game starts to rotate and you still have to keep jumpin
Blackhole Trek
Shoot the objects coming towards your spaceship, grab pickups and don't die.
Brink of Alienation IV Part 1
The Brink of Alienation series continues with Episode IV. The game is in 2 parts. This is part 1.
Brink of Alienation IV Part 2
The Brink of Alienation IV continues with part 2 because the game was so large. Play part 1 first!
Rocket Walrus
Fly through the air and grab coins, dodge walls and missiles. Good graphics and increasingly gamepla
Swarm 2
Turn and slice the dots with your sword as they get near you. More keep appearing.

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