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Mã số trò chơi:

Maganic Wars
A card RPG fighting game.
Collect the coins in each small level without dying.
Flick the peanut towards goal, past the squirrel defenders and the squirrel goalkeeper in this excel
Zombie Inglor
Figure out how to escape the room, grab items and defend yourself.
Bloody Day Part 2
Shoot the white silhouettes that pass by. Gun them down with 3 different types of guns.
Ninja Nightmare!
Fight the ninjas off with your fighting skills in multiple levels.

The Curse of Waterdeep Fellowship of Kings
Another top-down RPG game with classic sprites. Can you finish the story that is meant to be told?
The Butcher
An RPG game of a butcher with his meat chopper. Build your character and become stronger.
Project Pravus
Explore the house and solve little puzzles of what goes where and what you need to complete the game
Hell of Fear
Explore the building, grab keycards, manage your money, weapons and more. Cool action RPG.
Astroseries Millenia
An RPG with a story to tell. Decently created. Time to RPG it up.
Steppenwolf 2
The well created Steppenwolf RPG series continues in this sequel. If you like RPGs it's a must play.
Math Based RPG Beta
A quick RPG fighting game based on solving the math problems in time to make your attack.
Cosplayer The Search For Darth Vaders Helmet
Explore the world and begin your quest to hunt down that pesky hidden helmet of Vaders.
Quiet Falls
Explore the rooms and the world in this well created, yet large (7mb) RPG game.
Mesiria RPG Chapter 2
Explore around in this RPG trying to solve the towns problem. Can you find and defeat the ghosts?
Tree Trucker
A simple, but extensive RPG game of grabbing trees, upgrading your axes and vehicle.
Zelda Valentine's Quest
Link has forgotten that it was Valentines day, and so the quest begins.
Explore the dark and creepy rooms. Make the right choice or die a death by ghosts.
There's been a crime and you must sift through the evidence and figure out who dun'it.
A well created RPG that has good graphics and comes in at 12 megabytes.
Turtle Wars
Take turns and try to kill the other teams turtles. 2 - 4 players only.
Diseased Corpse Demo
A little bit of puzzle RPG mixed with a shooter. Click on items to progress through the game.
Enter The Particlasm
Power up your attacks and then strike as close as possible to the enemy partical.
Epics of Distant Realm
A fancy RPG with plenty of places to visit, things to do, and enough story to keep you filled.
Pico's Cousin
Progress through this RPG and make decisions that will change the out come of the game.
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 8
SneakySpy Guy series continues with part 8. Continue clicking in this photorealistic RPG adventure.
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 6
The RPG adventure continues in part 6 of the series. Continue the journey!
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 5
Photorealistic RPG where you travel around figuring out puzzles here and there.
The Average Adventures of Jake
Make choices in this RPG and determine Jakes fate. Choose poorly and die quickly.
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 4
The role playing game series continues in part 4 as you continue your photorealistic adventure.
Swords and Sandals II
A gladiator RPG fighting game. Build your character and fight.
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 3
The Super Sneaky Spy Guy series continues with part 3. An RPG with real life photos.
Atrocitys 2 The Revenge
Explore the house and watch out for ghosts that appear and disappear. Don't get scared.
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 2
The super sneaking adventure continues in part 2 that brings more photorealistic RPG gameplay to you
Pico's Mansion! Demo
Explore the environment, grab keys to unlock doors and find out what awaits you.
Seven Deadly Sins
Can you commit all seven deadly sins in this RPG game?
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 1
Explore the game world with real life pictures. Explore the game world in part 1 of a large series.
A horror RPG game of exploring grungy locations. Watch out for scary things.

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