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Mã số trò chơi:

Tangerine Panic
Dodge the tangerines for as long as possible. More and more keep coming.
Wonder Light
Keep the asteroid flying through space grabbing green dots and avoiding other things.
Santa In Hell
Help Santa escape from hell. Think of the children!
Food Memory
Memorize the way the food is assorted and try to place it that way.
Xmas Card Shootem Up
Shoot the Christmas card characters with your gun. Blast 'em!
Slice the bugs before they reach the other side. Don't let 50 bug through.

1,000,000,000 KMH
A short animation about an annoying music listner.
Robot Chicken - Mr. & Mrs. Brady
An animation from a Robot Chicken episode.
Demolition Squid
A flash animation about attacking buildings.
The Singhsons
The Simpsons intro parody animation.
Coldplay - Yellow
A flash animation done to the song Yellow by Coldplay.
A short flash animation of fun with grenades.
South Park Creator 3
Create your own South Park character.
The Battle Project 2
Another stick figure animation fighting sequence.
Sloppy Fight 2
A fighting animation that is better drawn than the first.
Sloppy Fight 1
A simple stick figure fighting animation.
Create a Ride
Design your car from everything, even the cars main frame.
Stick Animator
Make your own stickman animations with this simple flash.
The Simpsomaker
Make your own Simpsons character in this nongame.
Punk O Matic
Create your own music beats from each band member then listen to it play.
Funny Wal-Mart Song
A flash animation remix from a Garth Brooks country song.
Sonic Character Designer
Create your own creative Sonic-like characters.
Relationship Revenge
An animation on how to get revenge in a relationship.
Singing Bird
An annoying animation of a horribly singing bird.
Head Crabs In My Mouth
A catchy animation about Head Crabs.
Worms Tribute
A bloody animation and tribute to the Worms franchise.
Max Payne
A stick animation recreation of a trailer for the first Max Payne video game.
Pimp My Ride
Pimp out the cartoon ride in this nongame.
Mouse Paint
A "game" to keep the kids busy. Color in a mouse, yay!
Flash Fight
Stick figures against the cursor in flash.
A strange nongame where you click people in the video to see them do weird things.
Dancing Queen
Make the Queen dance around to your music and the way you want.
Bubble Pop
An interactive nongame that may actually make you more bored.
Mr Gasalaska Makes a Friend
A short animation about making "friends".
A short animation of a new type of laxative.
Just Because
A short clip of the dangers of fart burning.
Breakdance Guide
Learn how to breakdance in this flash dancing tutorial.
Super Smash Sisters
An animation about Mario and Luigi's wifes rescuing their children.
Halo vs. Exo Squad 1 on 1
Another short stop action animation.

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