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Mã số trò chơi:

Roll the ball around the simple levels and dodge the holes and get to the end of the map.
Stay alive for as long as possible as you shoot the ever growing amount of boxes.
Mizeman 3
Grab enough floating items to open the doors and move on to the next level. Watch out for obstacles.
World of Warcraft Connect
Connect two pieces that look the same that have a clear pathway between them. Different levels.
Robot War
Shootup onscreen enemies as you progress and progress through the environment.
Suburban Brawl
Draw houses to sell.

Bushido Assassin
Sneak around as a ninja and cut off the enemies heads. Don't let them see you or it becomes harder.
Tank 2008
Great tank game of shooting tanks, turrets, dodging airstrikes, and more. Blow up stinky barns!
Paper Mario World
An excellent Mario game of jumping and hammering the Mario universe characters. Great graphics.
Flash Geometry Wars
Move your spaceship around and aim at the multiple ships attacking your ship. Gets hard quick!
UNSC Spirit of Fire
Fly through space and find your nav points and fire away. Don't get blown up in the vacuum of space.
Rush Race
Drive your car as you run over people and shoot enemy vehicles. Don't crash into the cars.
Super Metal Armor
Move your tank around as you run over soldiers and fire at other tanks. Don't let them fire first!
Super Goo
A nice sidescroller of multiple weapons and a bunch of enemies to shoot. Watch your ammo supply!
Legacy of Guy Trifection
Attack the crazy monsters in the continuing adventure of Legacy of Guy. Watch out larger enemies.
StarGates SP-1
Dodge all the enemies shots and try to manage to take them down. Watch out for those bosses.
Anti-Christ Robot
Punch, kick, and shoot cops and survive as you explore the world as a robot. Very nice gameplay.
Phantom Mansion The Green Gallery
Continue exploring the Phantom Mansion as you seek out skulls and keep from dying.
Danny's Venture
Make your way through each level as you grab gems and stay alive and avoid spikes and being crushed.
Starship Ranger 2
Struggle to stay alive in this hard top-down spaceship shooter. Watch out for those space mines!
Island Colonizer
Shoot the helicopters and all the troops that come off the helicopters. Watch your health!
Gangsta Bean
An awesomely fun and well drawn sidescroller. Cut up evil food characters and earn money. Creative.
A Stick and His Kitten
Fight the stickmen, get in tanks, build up power to unleash upon helpless stick figures.
Bob's Revenge
A sidescroller with great graphics and sword swinging. Don't let them cut you as you try to slice.
Ronin Warrior
Slice and dice all the enemies that confront you. Chop of their heads and watch the blood flow.
Nameless The Game
Travel through each environment as your punch, kick, dazzle, and throw stuff at attacking creatures.
Serious Santa
Move around in this Santa sidescroller. Shoot the evil elves and watch out for explosions!
The Fright Before Christmas
Shoot the toys that are attacking you. Switch players for different powers. Includes upgrade shop.
Hammer Online
An awesome side viewing game. Hammer the ice creatures and watch out for the other opponent. Cool!
Fire and Ice
Throw fire balls and ice balls at monsters. Jump on more monsters to make combos. Very nice!
Raider Jones
A sidescrolling, cavern exploring game with spiked wheels and other objects to avoid.
Design your cyborg hottie and then get into the action with this platform sidescrolling shooter.
Super Bandit Bros Special Edition
Move around in this Mario universe game with all the enemies you've fought before. Grab those coins!
Jodo The First
Run and jump from platform to platform as you grab pickups that will help you reach other platforms.
Star Defender 4
Similar to the classic Invaders game only with an intense graphic overhaul with a bunch of powerups.
Alien Attack
Move through each level in this platform game as you chop other creatures.
Sneaky Thief Adventure
Move through each level avoiding monsters and enemies while you grab keys and go through other doors
Viper Reef Scuba Training
Defuse the mines under the water as you shock the underwater creatures so they don't hurt you.
Cow Bandits
Pick up cows with your ship and drop them into the grinder. Careful not to drop them!

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