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Mã số trò chơi:

Six Feet Under
Drive as fast as possible and brake before hitting the wall to launch the casket over the wall.
Nevermore 2
More adverture and exploration gameplay than the original.
Ultimate Billiards
Knock all the bombs into the pool tables holes before the time runs out.
Mouse Avoider 2
Guide your mouse through the course without touching anything.
This game is very similar to the 'Ball Bounce' game. In this challenging game you've got to help the
Fullmetal Alchemist FlameOut
Blast away the enemies before they reach and attack you.

Ragdoll Laser Dodge
Swing your ragdoll all over the place. Keep him from getting hit by the lasers. Gets harder.
Move around the levels gobbling up circles, and avoiding others. Levels get pretty packed.
Mouse In Danger
Take a look at the level, once you start the level goes black and you have to make it to the end.
Night Glider
Fly around in the night grabbing green spheres and dodging red ones. Don't hit the sides.
Use both hands at the same time to collect the different colors with each hands controller.
Assisted Diplomacy
Watch the Diplomates at the tables. Click on them to zoom in and slap the ones sleeping.
Zyxe Book I
Drag the cube on a string and avoid the falling bacteria. More appear to make the game harder.
Evasion 2
Dodge all the enemies on the screen using your keyboard. Grow your cube as big as possible.
Balloon Assault
Move the balloon popping pin back and forth, trying to pop as many balloons as possible.
Touch The Bubbles 2
Listen to the tunes and play it back my the sound the bubbles make.
Omelette Chef
How many omeletes can you make within the limited amount of time?
Rock Band Rockin Roadie
Pick your bike, and control your bikes balance, tilt, and lean. Grab those turbo arrows!
Smokin Barrels
Shoot down all the cowboys in the old west. Move your mouse the fastest to the target and shoot.
Norway Parking
Park your car in the glowing spot in the given amount of time. Watch out for those obstacles!
Dream Catcher 2
Grab the blues items to increase your score. Watch out for red triangles and other non-blue items.
Lamb Chop Drop
Move the lamb around in the air and try to grab as many stars as possible. Watch for the powerups.
Panic! Land
One of the better mouse moving games. Don't touch any walls. 2 worlds with a bunch of levels.
Hino of the Iroquois
Set the power and distance of your arrows as you try to prevent the redcoats from getting close.
Save Me 3
Click on the people in the burning building just right so they land safely instead of going splat.
Math Attack
Use your math skills to quickly shoot the viruses that have the number that solves the equation.
Orb Avoidance
The balls are attracted to your mouse. Move your mouse and make the balls crash into the square.
Mega Super EXTREME
Test your Guitar Hero skills even when you aren't playing. How far can you get?
Cursors & Co.
Solve and make your way through all sorts of cursor puzzles that test your skill.
Micro Olympics
Beat the computers distance as you shoot your airplane out of a cannon. Includes upgrade shop.
Joe da Punch
Push the arrow keys on the screen as fast as you can so that you knock out your opponents.
The Pick of Destiny
Can you tap the arrows as they pass the line to piece back together broken items? Good luck.
Move from room to room by teleporting, while the ball follows your cursor. Grab the stars.
Live Wires
Jump from platform to platform as they move up. Try to avoid the electric wires or you're toast.
Japanese Jello
Cut off the ends of the Jello that slide out from the stack. 5 levels.
Super Mouse Game 5
Can you successfully guide your mouse down a bunch of very thin corridors? Don't touch the walls!
Grasp the Balls
Use the paddle to keep the balls from falling through the holes. Careful though, the paddle tilts.
E-on Energy Champions
Grab the falling garbage and put it into the correct recycling bin. Keep up or lose.
Catch It
Move your paddle all around the screen grabbing stars and clicking to create walls for protection.
Vital Movement
Use your mouse skills to keep the circle over the green objects while avoiding the red objects.
Super Motocross
21 levels of controlling your bike physics and grabbing stars. Some ramps are difficult to get over.
Cake Factory
Build cakes in the order they're ordered. From dough to finished cake. Don't forget those toppings!

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