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Mã số trò chơi:

Tactical Invasion
Destroy the house with the troops you're given.
Friction Control
Test your control by moving the object around as much as possible without going off the screen.
Dodgem Racer
Grab items, and jump onto platforms to finish each level. Shoot the bad guys when you find them.
Fly and make your way through the hoops. Oh yeah, your a dog too.
Wild Wild Wrist
Shoot the wild hand trying to attack you. Dodge enemy fire!
Kung Fu Remix
A classic side scrolling Kung Fu game.

The 12 Fighters 2
1 or 2 player fighting with 3 different characters. Can even rebind keys.
Fierce Fighter
A simple fighting and scrolling game of beating the crap out of sword equiped samurais.
Street Fighter II Flash
A fighting game with dozens of combos, but the game is 2 player only.
The King of Fighters 2000
A well designed fight game with multiple attacks against your opponents.
Genjuro Fight
A sidescrolling fight game with power slashing other ninjas.
Girl Fight
Beat the crap out of some celebrity girls. Difficulty settings makes them pro fighters.
Joy World
Fight the evil crab and take him down with your special powers.
Slice the monsters by moving your mouse back and forth.
Counter Punch
An excellent fighting game with animations that look great. Multiple opponents.
Breakfast Brawl
Feels very similar to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. Even the animations are similar.
Backyard Brawl
Picture your character and start fighting. Each fighter has a bashing weapon.
Can your bot defeat the enemy bots?
Nacho Kung-Fu
Time for the fat ninja to do some damage!
Orc Slayer
Slay the incoming orcs for as long as possible. Attack fast when up close.
Bandit Kings
Two player only, you fight against your friend at the same keyboard. Gather more gold than other pla
Virtua Pikey
Fight a few people at the carnival to impress your girl friend.
The 12 Fighters
Fight 12 different ooz creatures that increase in difficulty. Original Street Fighter graphics.
Element Saga Chapter 5
Fight the on screen badies with guns, punches, grapple chain and last as long as possible.
Metal Arm Fawege
Move your mouse around to make specific blows to the other robot. Nice graphics.
Fight Fight
Pick your fighter, backdrop, and then fight against the AI.
Ant Kendo
Use your bow staff to knock the other ant off.
Capoeira Fighter 1
2 player only fighting game with jump kicking.
Geek Fighter
A fighting game with pickups and powerups. 1 player or 2.
Fight Fight 3
Fight against the computer or another person in this fighting game.
Beat this hot shot into a pulp.
Final Slam
Options, editing, fighter customization and more.
Extreme Worldcup Simulator
Select your fighters and fight against the AI.
It's A Knockout
A single player boxing game with multiple opponents.
Gordon vs Joling
A 2 player only simplified boxing game.
Egg Fighter
A fighting game with multiple difficulty settings for even the best fighters.
Grave Yard
You fight the computer in this short 1P vs computer fighting game.
Celebrity Fight Club
Fight 4 celebrities in this somewhat easy fighting game.
The Tom Green Show
Fight Tom Green in this good looking fighting game.

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