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Mã số trò chơi:

You're in charge of the kindergarten. Take care of the babies as they come in. Ready for baby?
Shen Long The Spirit Dragon
Protect your pink leafed tree from the small little grey guys. Gobble them up as quickly as possible
Goblins Heart
You're a slayer of goblins, slice 'em and dice 'em. Just don't let them hurt you.
Ostrich Jump 2
Jump and duck depending on what object is next.
Fairy Fishing
Grab the fairys with your hook. Bing up enough fairies in the limited time.
Place your white piece down and change the computer's black pieces to white.

Click items in the right order so they are used 100%.
Base Jumping
Don't let your character go splat.
Keep the dragon going as fast as possible for 60 seconds.
A puzzle game where you click the sides of the box you're in.
The Matrix Agent Smith
Pick the amount of balls to take away. Try to be the last one to take away a ball.
Fish Money
Grab enough money and valuables to level up.
Bakuhatsu Panic!
Catch the bombs in the barrel of water, but don't catch the wrong ones.
Bikini Memory
A memory game with cards that have women in bikinis on them.
Core Salvage
Bounce the ball the required amount of times and then make it into the hole to level up.
Ogg the Squirrel Hunter
Stay alive by eating falling food while trying to kill squirrels.
Park A Lot II
Park the cars where they belong, requires a close eye and good thinking cap.
Boulder Cannon
Shoot by the incoming boulders and explode them before they hit your cannon.
Flip It!
Flip all the cards over to complete each level. Move the mouse quick or the flip back over again.
New Years Rush
Place the platforms where you need them to finish the levels.
Halo Master Deluxe
How well do you know your Halo? Questions change depending on difficulty.
Sinking Madness 2
Gather as many jewels as possible without dying on a small lillipad.
Ball Revamped 4
Get the ball into the level gate.
Four Second Fury
Bunch of games to play in only 4 seconds.
Kick the head as far as possible with 3 tries.
Ice Cold Getaway
Grab as many diamonds as they appear on the screen it your batboat.
Press the arrow keys in the order they appear on the screen to win the battles.
Tubes Mix
Get the peices of the tube to line up together.
Escape From the UFO
Click objects in the right order to escape the UFO.
Nutty McNuts
Fire the squirrel at the right trajectory to finish levels. 20 Levels and 2 modes of playing.
Square Run
Complete the courses without dying.
Odubang 2
Click where you want your stick guy to go. Click wrong place and you're dead.
Arcane Castle
Push the correct buttons to dive, jump and shoot. Levels get progressively harder.
Ultra Block
Like collapse, only penalties for clicking wrong colors.
A strange thinking game where you need to lineup peices to win.
Push the blocks together in this good looking puzzle game.
Ball of Madness
gather the gems and keep the ball on the path.
Dungeon Escape
Click areas of the game as they glow or you die.
Las Alfombras
Expand your carpet when the others aren't looking.

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