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Mã số trò chơi:

Skeleton Rag Doll
Toss the skeleton around and watch physics take over as he crashes into pumpkins.
We Are Legend: Arockalypse
Use flame traps to burn zombies. If you miss them, put a chainsaw to their face.
Fish Adventure
Show the fish with red balls that fire out of your mouth. Watch out for their fire as well.
Helicopter Ladder
Create a tower of people up to the helicopter. Don't let them tip over!
Catnip Mission
Shoot the toys that move over the cat. Don't wake the cat up by shooting it.
The Tom Green Show
Fight Tom Green in this good looking fighting game.

Verti Pool
Bounce the pool balls together to get them in the right order.
Rudolfs Revenge
Kick Santa as high as possible and at the right angle to get elfs to give him a boost.
Digital Tunnel
Keep your cursor inside the walls of the tunnel. Touch them and you only get so many retries.
Make the ring around the balls jump from ball to ball until you reach the center of the necleus.
High up there on the difficult chart, you have to seperate the colored balls by moving the wall.
Irritating Game
The hardest flash game ever created. Keep one ball balanced, the other above the paddle.
Anchor Ball
Try to keep the ball up in the air for as long as possible. Mixed with a character swinging a anchor
Bounce the balls as more and more appear. Jump just right to make them bounce high.
Magic Library
The books fall and have letters on them. Type the letters as fast as possible.
Move the mine back and forth between air and water and grab the stars.
Super Pang
Shoot the bouncing balls to make them split. They shoot the smaller balls that split off.
Aboid the other stars as they crash onto the playing field.
Six Feet Under
Drive as fast as possible and brake before hitting the wall to launch the casket over the wall.
Use your mouse to move your square around. Dodge the red squares while grabbing the others.
Dodge the flying ball and don't let it hit your spaceworm. Gets harder.
Park Soccer
Bounce the soccer ball as many times as possible. Make ball hit bonus coins too.
Make the circles stop rotating just right to make it to the level goal.
The Samurai
Jump just right to make it over all the stacked boxes. They get much harder.
Cycle Racers
Press the buttons fast enough to keep your bike moving. Dodge obstacles.
Swoop To Nuts
Swoop down and collect as many nuts as possible. Manage speed, floating, and height and more.
Mr. Penguin
Skillfully fly through the ice cave without dying.
Bubble Fairy
Use the fairy to keep the bubble floating and away from spikes. Harder than just clicking anywhere.
Air Heads
Keep the air balloon afloat and from hitting buildings or going into smog.
Bullet Bill 2
You're a bullet. Ram into bricks and Mario characters to increase in points.
Crash Test Dummy
Drive and crash the dummy so he lands onto the targeted area.
Roof Jumper
Jump from roof to roof. Difficulty increases with other obstacles to avoid.
Spaceman 2
Pick up the aliens with your tractor beam and manage energy.
Pang Flash
Shoot your spear gun at the bouncing balls to get them to disappear.
Your spaceships guns aren't working. Fly away from the alien creature for as long as possibe.
Missile Game 3D
Use your mouse to guide your way through the obstacles. Very cool.
Hanging Around
Grapple the cave roof and keep swinging without falling onto the spikes.
Grab the legs and suck them for all they're worth, but not too much or you go splat.
When Submarines Attack
Release the deepth charges just right so that they hit the subs.
Chopper Drop
Drop the bombs just right so that you destory the entire city as fast as possible.
Baby Drop
Save the falling babies. Gets difficult fast.
Seesaw Balance
Use your mouse to balance the kids on the seesaw. Very difficult.

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