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Mã số trò chơi:

Pandemic: Extinction of Man
You are a virus. Try to infect the entire world and kill all of mankind!
Star Runner
Collect the stars to pass the levels. No jumping available.
Clash'N Slash v2
Defend your planet from UFOs and other space ships by shooting them with guns and rockets.
Steppenwolf - The Heruka 3
Steppenwolf continues with more puzzles. Can you explore the world and find all the puzzles?
Freezer Lifter
Rescue the frozen people and bring them back to base. Don't crash!
Coke Zero Classic Football
A retro hand held styled football game of years ago. Can you make the touchdowns?

The Perfect Shot
Toss the ball into the green capture spot. Don't let your mouse pass the dotted line.
Micro Submarine
Keep your submarine from hitting the underwater creatures as well as floating bombs.
Construction Worker Will
Test your skills by clicking the glowing bricks as they light up, but don't take too long.
BallFall 3
Line up the colored paddles with your mouse so that the same colored balls hit the paddles.
Gimme Friction Baby
Shoot the balls, but don't let them come to far back towards your cannon. Make balls disappear.
The Pick of Destiny 2
Coming in at over 15 MB is another skill testing DDR like game. Push the arrows just right.
Superman - Metropilis Defender
Fly back and forth destroying all the falling asteroids. Watch out for those kryptonite ones!
Pigeon's Revenge 2
Aim and release the glorious poop onto unsuspecting victums. Yay for pigeon poop!
Headless Havoc
Ride on your horse and move right next to runners and chop off their heads to stay alive.
Stay alive for as long as possible as you shoot the ever growing amount of boxes.
Get the glowing ball and it's orbit around you to continue moving upward by balancing yourself.
Stay on the lines to save energy. Go off the lines too much and you run out of energy.
Move the orbiting ball around and collect other balls. Watch out for spikes!
Tower Defence RPG
Unlike other tower defence games, this one comes down to clicking as fast as you can.
Shaolin Dodge Ball
Dodge the chinese stars that are coming right at you. Don't let any of them hit your wabbit.
Friction Control
Test your control by moving the object around as much as possible without going off the screen.
Slap The Nerd
As the nerds raise their hands, slap their face to give the cool kids a chance.
Different levels with different pictures. Click the items in the same order that they light up.
Push the correct keys as the flaming balls pass over that letter on the screen.
A difficult game of skill and controlling two blocks at the same time. New levels change gameplay.
Color Ball 2
Touch the same colored balls as your slightly invisible ball. Careful, ball color changes.
Top Trial Bike
Coming in at 15.7MBs is another bike physics game. Grab the stars while balancing your bike.
Tornado Button Smashing
Pound the enter button as you rip apart a city with your huge tornado. How long can you hit it?
Launch the ball around planets with gravity fields and get the ball through the loops.
Guardian Popon
Launch your ships bombs against the others to sink their ships. Don't let your ship get hit.
Stick Trampoline
Bounce the stick figure on the trampoline as you bounce him higher and higher and swing on ropes.
Trial Bike
Keep your bike balanced and control its physics as it tilts back and forth. Large game at 13Mbs.
Jump over obstacles and collect the bombs. Can you survive the bomb craziness?
Sextreme Catapult
How far can you launch the sexy lover with the catapult? Avoid obstacles to make love long time.
Shen Long The Spirit Dragon
Protect your pink leafed tree from the small little grey guys. Gobble them up as quickly as possible
Trolley Dash
You have 60 seconds to pick up your groceries. Remember the list and pick up the items.
Dodge Fishy
Stay alive while dodging the sharks and other underwater creatures. Eat all the small fish possible.
Bloons Player Pack 2
Throw your dart just right ot try to pop all the balloons on each of the levels. Can you win all?

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