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Mã số trò chơi:

Tomb of Doom
Adventure / RPG game where you use your inventory to overcome environment obsticales.
Joe da Punch
Push the arrow keys on the screen as fast as you can so that you knock out your opponents.
Wack-Attack! Hit the monsters on the head before they go under
The Idiot Test 4
Test how much of an idiot you are. Don't think your not until you complete the test.
Shoot the incoming numbered asteroids and try and get combo explosions.
Ultimate Ping
Play pong against yourself and try to keep the ball inside the field using both the paddles! Move yo

Halo Madness
A stop action animation with Halo toys.
Vehicle Survival Test
An animation of stick men getting hit by a car.
Metal Slug vs. Numa Numa
Animation of Metal Slug characters defeating the evil Numa Numa.
Zelda Animation
An animation done with Zelda universe characters.
The Skywalkers
Flash animation of The Simpsons mixed with Star Wars.
All Your Base
A new animation of the phrase you love to hate.
Stick Figure Suicide
An animation of stick figures killing themselves.
Brink of Alienation Substance
Partial nongame media from the BOA series.
We Hate It When
An animation about gaming characters.
Glue in Hair
A video of friends messing with a sleeping friend.
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter
A long animation of Mortal Kombat characters gang up on Street Fighter Characters.
Hero Machine
Make your own cartoon hero. (Can't save character unless you print screen)
Die In Style
Pick the weapon to kill the stick man and watch the animation of it.
Make the gay horses sing or not by clicking them.
Pornstars Attack
A strange PS2 ad with golfers in Africa.
Cow Rebellion
Non-interactive animation about when cows attack.
A quick non-interactive comedy.
Madness Combat 5
What looks to be the last animation in the series.
Madness Combat 1
The first in a series of an ongoing animation story.
Metal Slug Battle Creation
Create your own non-interactive battle scene using Metal Slug characters.
Laugh Yer Ass Off
A kitten that finds something humorous.
Optical 2
Focus on the "X" and the blinking colors appear to change.
Body Slam
Small girl body slams theif. Short and too the point funny video.
Bush Fun
Having fun making fun of the President.
Beer Warning
A non-interactive video showing the dangers of drinking beer.
The Boss
Partial interactive animation of beating up your boss.
Non-interactive Heineken video.
Stick Figure Penalty 1
Execute the prisoner multiple ways in this stick animation.
A hacky sack stick animation.
Madness Combat 4
Madness Combat 4 - Apotheosis is an excellent shooting/fighting movie.
Megaman Vs Quickman
Megaman faces off with Quickman in a tribute to Capcoms Megaman II game.
Build A Robot
Make your own dream robot in this online workshop, by joining together numerous different parts.
Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 2
The sequel to the part 1 featuring an intense battle between the good and the bad!
Madness Combat 3
He was given a second chance, somewhere in Nevada.
SF vs. MK
An ultimate action fight sequence between Ken and Raiden. Guess who wins!
Dancing Hillary
Watch out White House. ake way for the dancing Hillary.

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