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Mã số trò chơi:

Fred's Adventure
Help Fred explore the country side and keep him from dying. Simple, yet adventurous.
Arctic Showdown
Click the wale to get it to blow your boat up in the air with water. Dodge objects.
Pushies Plus 2
Move through all the squares coming towards you and keep from getting pushed off the screen.
Match The Couples
Match the pictures of couples together in this memory game.
One Ton Bang Bang
Move down the hallways shooting the robots and trying to survive for as long as possible.
Shark Attack
Dodge other sea life and the hooks from the ship.

Bored Meeting
Toss the paper ball into the garbage, but beware of air direction.
Homers Beer Run
Catch the kegs of Duff beer, but watch out for fire ones.
The Classroom 2
What fun can you do in classroom?
Make the blue buttons disappear without created new ones.
Piggy Trap
A hard game of trying to catch eggs in a pan.
Mole Catcher
Hit the numpad keys where the smile appears.
Click the grouping colors not leaving any blocks left over.
Bounce the ball as many times as possible gaining the most points.
Balloon Bomber
Use bombs to blow up the dam. Don't run out of bombs.
Balloon Hunter
Shoot the balloons by aiming with the right trajectory.
Shit Wars
Throw piles of crap at the other team to win.
Trampoline Trickz 2
Do cool tricks on trampoline for more points, but don't fall off.
Hacky The Raccoon
Keep the raccoon in the air by continuing to hit it.
Bumper Boat Bonanza!
Bump the computer player to destroy them.
Your a fly zooming around trying to pick up blue balls.
Shark Attack
Dodge other sea life and the hooks from the ship.
Dancing Queen
Push the right keys to dance.
Suburban Brawl
Draw houses to sell.
Make your bubble grow bigger without popping it.
Slow Motion
Keep your guy on the path without falling off.
Bear & Cat
A similar game to "Bubble Ball". Line the colors up.
Pick up the coins while avoiding the arrows hitting your ball.
Bump Copter
Avoid the moving objects and walls, get to the flag.
Excel Sheep
Gather all the sheep into the bargraph sheep pen.
Sub Commander
Your in control of a submarine, dodge anything that will hurt your sub.
The Classroom
Cheat in school without being caught.
Aragon Dragon
Stay flying while grabbing all the pickups.
Get the people jumping off the boat to safety.
The Turtle Bridge
Carry the stones across the turtle bridge.
Koala Lander
Dodge the floating lobsters. No really.
Atomic Rain
Catch the raining nuke symbols.
Dodge the floaties.
Gordy's Lunch
Score as many points as possible by eating and killing.
A top down dodgeball game.
You're a frog trying to complete each level grabbing the most stars possible.
You're a fly grabbing food on a table. Don't get swat!

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