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Mã số trò chơi:

Worms Tribute
A bloody animation and tribute to the Worms franchise.
Side action shooting with decent cartoon graphics.
Set angle and power hit the ball with your putter to get a hole in one.
Four Second Firestorm
The 3rd in the Four Second series. 170+ mini games all together. Can you complete it?
Deadly Dwarves
Shoot those evil dwarves and watch with delight as their heads explode.
Shit Wars
Throw piles of crap at the other team to win.

Night Of The Snowmen
Shoot the monster snowmen as they pop out from hiding. Throw grenades quickly to take out multiple.
Xmas Card Shootem Up
Shoot the Christmas card characters with your gun. Blast 'em!
The Strangers
A great sniper game. Has good graphics and multiple sniper positions to switch to. Take the shot!
One Ton Gorilla Warfare
Travel through the halls as you shoot the attacking robots that come forth. Shoot quick!
Cock Shooter
Shoot the chickens as they quickly pass by the screen. Watch those reload times.
Santa's Showdown
A short shooting game of shooting elves and kids as they pop out from behind things in a few spots.
Shinobi Kun
Spit darts at the enemy ninjas, but avoid hitting friendly ninjas. How many can you take out?
Jockstrap Slingshot
Shoot the soap out of the jockstrap at the falling items. Beware of dirty monsters.
Art of War - El Alamein
Shoot the incoming enemies on trucks, motorcycles, and even helicopters. Can you survive it all?
Movement Mayhem
A 2 player game at the same keyboard. Try to shoot the enemy on the other side of the screen.
13 Days in Hell
Shoot the incoming minions of hell. Shoot them in the head to save bullets. Don't let them chop you!
Silhouette 2
A top down shooter where you shoot out lights and cameras and enemies. Unlock more guns further in.
Fisher Boy
Shoot the fishes and come up for air. Each level gets harder. Earn cash to buy better weapons.
Sniper WWII
Shoot the stick figures. Don't shoot at the wrong time or in the wrong order or you fail the mission
Attack of The Zombies
Shoot the zombies in this sidescroller. You have a shotgun and machine gun. Don't let them eat you!
Presidential Paintball
Shoot other presidential candidates as you duck and cover and dodge their paintballs.
Sniper Global Mercenary
Shoot the right stick figures in the right order to complete each mission. Shoot carefully!
Sniper 3
Make the sniper shots, but use your brain on what you should shoot first and what not to. Few levels
Stop Bird Flu
Shoot as many birds as possible on each level and try not to let any get away.
Shape Defense
Shoot the shapes that are flowing towards you. Shoot as many as you can.
Frogee Shoot
Aim at the bugs flying over your head and fire your different weapons at them. Don't run out of ammo
Defend Your Temple 2
Defend your temple by shooting all the enemies in each wave as you upgrade weapons through a shop.
Garfield Sheep Shot
Launch the sheep and hit Garfield and other items to keep Garfield from waking.
Garret VS Larry
Shoot seeds at the computer or a 2nd player. Try to win the match while dodging seeds.
Vanessa's Naughty Pics
Take pictures of Vanessa when she poses, but don't let her body guard catch you taking shots.
Blast stick figures as you peek around corners and shoot them with all sorts of different weapons.
Carnival Shooter
Shoot the targets as they pass. Shoot the wild animals with targets on them, but avoid friendlies.
Void Gunner
Shoot the alien ships and upgrade your ship through a shop in this space shooter.
Generic Space Game
Shoot the red drones from the mothership and grabbing the green powerups to get a more powerup laser
Puppyred Shoot
Shoot the enemies as they pop out. Use your keyboard to switch which hole you're shooting at.
Kon's Big Trouble
Whip the bears as they pop up from behind the balls. Careful, it happens fast.
Virus Attacke
Move around the halls shooting all the viruses that are destroying the computer parts.
Hive Guardian
Shoot and launch grenades at the incoming bees that are trying to attack your hive.
Sniper Assasin
A few more levels of getting missions and shooting stick figures with your sniper rifle.
Clear Vision II
Take on missions of assassination and blowing brains out of stick figures.
Space Skirmish M
Shoot all the incoming alien creatures and defend your tower at all costs. When it's gone it's over.

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