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Mã số trò chơi:

Mouse Breaker
Dodge and escape the red arrows while shooting white arrows at them. How long can you last?
Tank Shooter
Dodge enemy fire as you blast away all the enemy aircrafts. Watch out for dropped nukes!
Vladimir Key
Jump onto the pads and grab the key and make your way to the exit. Watch out for pads that disappear
Toxic Blocks
Keep the blocks from reaching the top. Select groups of colors to make them disappear.
Vermilion Prototype
Aim with your keyboard as you go down the tunnel shooting robots.
You're a mean squirrel, beat up your neighbor squirrels to keep them away.

Tummy Trouble
Proceed through the levels of this top-down game and attack bad food.
Shoot falling targets and approaching castle attackers.
Alien Galaxion X
You and your team of spaceships against the enemy ships in this top-down view action game.
Game With Death
Shoot death and dodge his bullets while getting your own through to holes in the wall. Watch out for
The Return to Pearl Harbor
Race your boat while making jumps over waves and shooting enemy aircrafts. Get big air and take 'em
Qweck Attack
A sidescrolling game that feels similar to Alien Hominid, but not as polished. Fun animations.
Shoot down the aircrafts before they drop paratroopers to destroy your turret.
Fly around and shoot the enemy ships, gather powerups and move to the next level.
Mobile Weapon Assault
Shoot the flying objects and progress and unlock other mechs.
Slug Smash
Smash the slugs, smash their bodies, smash their graves.
Shoot the incoming enemies with your archer. Don't take too long or you lose.
Fuzzy McFluffenstein!
You're a cat. Bounce on mice and watch them explode.
Nimian Hunter
3D game where you chase down large dragon flies and bring them back to a powerful creature.
Escape from HellTowers
An amazing sidescrolling action shooter with really great graphics.
Great cartoon looking sidescrolling egg collecting, monster squishing action scroller.
Home Sweet Halogen
Collect lightbulbs as fast as possible in this unique looking game.
Vitius Rage
Punch and fight against the opponent to destroy him with your powers.
Elysium Man
Stickmen fight it out in this side scrolling fighting, action game.
Ninja Golf
Mix a golfing game and a ninja sidescroller together to get Ninja Golf!
End of Nightmares
A sidescrolling, robot fighting game.
Battle of the Worms
Pickup the people and drop them down on the platforms in the air. Blow fire to destory obstacles.
Spuds Zone
Side gaming action as a potato with a freeze ray gun.
Mutants 1
Top-down view of the original mutants game. Blast them mutants!
Panik Poopascoopa
A sidescrolling game where you collect poop to win.
Panda Wars
Shoot the other pandas and keep them from shooting you and your jetpack.
One Mans Doomsday 2
You're a stickman and are running around shooting all the attacking enemies. Jump into tanks for ext
Knife circles that aren't like your square shape and avoid other level objects.
25 levels of clicking and attacking blobs.
Wink in The Princess Stealing Dragon
Wink returns in this sidescrolling fighting and shadow hiding game.
Dragon Gem
Sidescrolling platform action with poking and slashing enemies to head to the next level.
MegaMan Zero
Sidescrolling slashing action in the MegaMan universe.
Warrior Prince
Fight all sorts of enemies and get to the top of the level to proceed.
Hit the ground where the colored balls are to knock them over and collect them.

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